Pulse Distribution: A Prime Destination for Gay Studios

This article originally ran in the September 2016 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

Andrew Quaintance remembers when everyone thought the sky was falling.

When the internet grew and became fast enough to stream movies, most everyone in the DVD industry panicked and thought, This is it, the end of DVD,’” says the vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. But here we are, 10 years later, and DVD is back on the rise. Ive been witness to this rise, even in just the last two years alone. I can safely say DVD sales are going to remain for a long time. Though the numbers arent what they were 15 or so years ago, this is not a vanishing market. Retail stores that decided a few years back to eliminate their DVD section completely are now adding this space back into their stores.

If anyone should know, its Pulse. But referring to the company as the industry leader when asking Quaintance a question prompts an unexpected, humble reaction.

Are we the leader in the space? This is very flattering to hear!he says, giving just a taste of why the company is so well regarded. I think its about a few things. For our clients, it is providing great customer service in addition to a lot of great movies, in many amazing genres. For the studios, its about sales and word on the street. If we do well in providing for our clients, then they hear it, and therefore so do other studios looking for a distribution channel.

Also successful on the straight side, Pulse has cemented itself as the most desirable destination for gay studios looking for an extra dose of attention and respect.

2015 to 2016 has been spectacular for Pulse; this is especially true on the gay side of the industry,Quaintance says. There are so many first-rate studios that I have admired for many years, and working with Pulse, I have the privilege to be able to represent them and provide their outstanding product to our distribution buyers worldwide.

The companys list of offerings reads like a whos who of gay titans, including BelAmi, Kristen Bjorn, Lukas Ridgeston, Kinky Angels, Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and, fittingly, Titan Media. This gives our buying clients the unique ability to buy a full range of gay in one place we are so diverse we can be a top provider for most any client no matter what their focus may be.

Other notables include Active Duty, Next Door Studios, Pride Studios, DRIVEshaft, Man Royale and Stunner Media. The broad range of studios encompasses a wide array of genres and types of movies, from Asian and Latin to military and twink, from muscle and parodies to classics and bareback.

Pulse added some new lines to the family in the last few months, including Bijou Video, known for its pre-condom classics, which were previously duplicated rather than replicated. Now that they have joined Pulse, these movies are not only brought back to life but are preserved via digital media format, which eliminates much of the issues brought about by the now obsolete 8mm and VHS formats. These are such historic full-length feature movies I love them!

Also joining was Skyn Men, a new startup using many recognizable names and notable newcomers (This is a must-have line for stores and websites alike); Daddys Asians; Bareback Me Daddy; Big Rig Studios; Wank This; and Dallas Reeves. We accept any new studio that offers something unique to our lineup, but it must be top notch in what it does. I feel honored when any studio comes to us for distribution.

The only contrast Quaintance sees between the gay and straight sidesbesides the obvious genre differencesare the models. I see many more fresh newcomers making a name for themselves on the gay side. It seems to still be much more about established models on the straight side of the industry.

He adds that its the cast of a film that can really make or break a movie. A great cast, along with real passion between the guys, makes all the difference. Also, in todays world, a unique genre goes a long way. Gym, sports, politics, military, parody, prison, turned, cheaters, POV and of course condom-less are among the top genres. Id love to see more true feature films being created.

While Pulse has championed the resurgence of DVD, that doesnt mean its going backwardthe company has embraced advancing technology and trends, much to its advantage.

As technology has evolved, both Pulse and myself have become far more efficient in our global reach. Using such outlets as weekly new release e-mails, social media and even the simplicity of instant messaging, we are more familiar and in instant touch with our clients and their needs,Quaintance says. Because of the variety of products Pulse carries, we can create offers that other individual companies may not be able to accommodate. Whether a client is looking for gay, tranny, bi, feature or even toys, I can accommodate their needs. Subsequently, by having this vast variety to sell, I am constantly able to create new and exciting deals and offers.

Quaintance says he doesnt have any magic tricks to make every sales outlet an instant or overnight success. Hes an open book and will happily share his thoughts and experiences to anyone that needs some advice for their specific situation.

Our buyers are extremely savvy in the way they conduct their businesses, which is why they do so well. What started as business relationships has turned into friendships over the many years Ive worked in this industry. Maintaining these strong connections helps both sides achieve success.

And that success keeps breeding more excitementnot just for fans, but for Quaintance and his colleagues as well.

Though we are always looking to implement new ideas and expand our goals, we have two amazing things in the works I can tell you about a new studio entitled MormonBoyza great genre with crazy, hot content you can expect this studio to rise quite rapidly to a top spot. I expect our first release sometime in early September,he says. Also, our award-winning Rapture Novelties line is in the middle of some big growth. Soon, there will be a much broader list of popular products that will expand this line way past the BDSM market that it is currently dominating in.