Previtus Media Launches With Two Original Series

LAS VEGAS—Previtus Media has announced the launch of its official website,, with the intent of raising the bar on extreme and fetish porn.

The site is debuting two original hardcore series. First, Miles Previtire’s Hate Crime Porno, brainchild of the CEO and founder, explores the tense relationship between homophobic cops and the gays that (Previtire insists) sexualize and love them.

“I spent four years in live adult entertainment with a mostly-gay fan base,” Previtire explains. “During that time, I learned what the audience wanted. What gay guys wanted. Hate Crime Porno brings that scene, right to your living room.”

He adds, “Hate Crime is just an overdue response to an underserved market. Cop fantasies have been rampant in homosexuality for years. I’m honestly surprised at the lack of realistic Police Porn that’s out there, gay or straight or what have you.”

Smoking Boyz is described by its creative team at Previtus as "a pornographic chronicling of the Vegas party scene at its true and fast pace." The most recent installment to Smoking Boyz is titled, "Let There Be Light."

"Let There Be Light" features Previtire among a cast of Previtus regulars, including real-life brothers Everette Stone (Sketchy Sex) and Ezekiel Stone (Guys In Sweatpants) otherwise known as The Stone Brothers, as well as Previtus exclusive, James Lowes. 

“I wanted to make content that evoked a severe reaction from its audience because of its authentic illustration of the scene," Previtire says. "Films both visually and psychologically stimulating. I think we achieved that with these.”

The films are priced separately and available for download or HD streaming exclusively on The site processes purchases through