Pitbull Productions Launches Exclusives with Naked Sword-AEBN

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Pitbull Productions, which created ThugPorn, is launching five exclusive films with NakedSword-AEBN.

This is the second set of exclusive releases that Pitbull will launch with NakedSword-AEBN under a deal inked in January. The set includes five titles: "Menace to Str8 Thugz," "Pain in Da Azz," "Spread Dat Butta," "Straight Shooter" and "Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower," all of which are live in the NakedSword-AEBN system. Promotional clips of the bonus material from Tiger Tyson's trip to Paris will soon be available on PornoTube, along with the new films' trailers, which are available now.

Pitbull Productions, a GAYVN Award-winning studio, specializes in gay black and Latino films, and boasts stars such as Tiger Tyson, Supreme, Viper, Dillon, Jason Tiya, Thugzilla, Mr. Sauki and KB.

"I love working with Pat and the Pitbull crew," said Chris Baker  of NakedSword-AEBN. "I've had the chance to meet and hang out with them, and you couldn't ask to know nicer people. I can't wait to see them again, and I'm proud of their studio for coming so far so fast. They make high-quality films, and our customers can't get enough of their movies."

Pat Reshen, Pitbull's vice president of marketing and sales, echoed Baker's enthusiasm about the partnership. "Chris and all the staff at AEBN have worked diligently on our behalf, and we are extremely pleased with our partnership," Reshen said. "We look forward to a long and profitable relationship."