PHS Launches Castro Street

PHOENIX - PHS International, FalconGEAR, and Manline by Sportsheets have come together to announce Castro Street, a new line of toys aimed at gays.

"Many adult retailers have gay video and DVD sections, but still don’t have gay toys sections. Castro Street will help fill that void," says Michael Merrill, sales and marketing director for PHS. "It's like a shop within a shop, featuring the best-selling gay novelties from the three top producers of adult products for males."

Todd Carter, director of sales and marketing at Sportsheets International, says, "We are not manufacturing and distributing gay product to capitalize on a market or pander to a consumer that we know absolutely nothing about. Not only are we the manufacturers, designers, and marketers of these products, we are very much the consumers of these products. We know of what we speak."

"The merchandising goal is not synonymous with only creating a ‘gay consumer’ experience," says Ted LeVine of Falcon products distributor Pulse Distribution. "Castro Street has proven to benefit straight demographic stores that have traditionally intermixed gay items within straight products. When consumers enter a store merchandised with the visually appealing Castro Street, the section becomes an immediate destination that is shopped more thoroughly, and significantly increases purchasing. We’ve made it easy and friendly for your gay male customers, and we feel both stores and the community will support and appreciate that."

Castro Street will offer more than 100 items, including Manline’s Hardcore Sportsheet, FalconGEAR’s Supercocks, and M2M’s fetish gear.

For more information, call Anthony Ross at PHS International at (800) 736-8919 ext. 262 or e-mail him at [email protected] For catalog and ordering information please visit or e-mail [email protected]