Peter Fever Debuts ‘Black Panda’ Superhero Parody on Friday

LOS ANGELES—As Black Panther continues to dominate the mainstream box office, another sexy superhero steps out from the shadows. Coming from the gay adult site, it’s Black Panda, a triple-X porn parody.

Always a proponent of diversity in adult entertainment, the Zbuckz site offers up a wide variety of performers in its latest project. Director Koloff leads a cast of six hunky studs and one twink through the ten-episode series with sizzling gay sex and a comedic spoof on the biggest superhero movie in cinematic history.

The screenplay was written by Peter Fever executive producer and company CEO Danny Zeeman. The first episode will be available on March 30 for steaming on and will be released on DVD through Pulse Distribution after the series has aired.

The XXX porn parody is headlined by Peter Fever exclusives Ken Ott and Alex Chu along with newcomer Levy Foxx. The series also features adult stars Osiris Blade, Sean Duran, Bryce Evans and Bennett Anthony, plus a hilarious cameo by trans performing artist Velvet Lanore.

The series starts with the Black Panther/King of Rakanda (Osiris Blade) going to Wakamono, Japan, in search of the City of Youth and a rare substance called Peckeranium, which is said to extend life and give power. He finds the headquarters of the mysterious Black Panda (played by Alex Chu), who is defended by his two Panda brothers (Levy Foxx and Ken Ott). If he wants to trade his Vibranium for the Peckeranium, he needs to eat their cumloads and perform an ancient panda ritual that involves being buried in an avalanche of sperm while “going under.”

Meanwhile, two American CIA agents have been spying on them—and they too want the secret splooge to make President Crump live forever. It's a battle between hard cocks and willing asses as the cast of superstars fights for the ancient prize.

Following up on his last big project for, The Deuce Gay Porn Parody, director Koloff was excited to take on this big-budget project.

“I've always had a soft spot for comedy, and working with Peter Fever has allowed me to combine what I've always loved with hardcore cock sucking and ass fucking,” Koloff said. “This was a really fun and creative production and I think fans are going to go wild for the off-the-hook sex, the scorching and talented cast, and the humor we injected to the storyline.”

CEO Danny Z said, “As a huge comic book fan growing up, writing my first superhero porn parody featuring hunky Asian Americans was a dream come true for me,” he said. “Just as Black Panther broke down barriers in Hollywood with having a predominately black cast, I am extremely proud to make stars out of our hunky Asian leads, such as Ken Ott and Alex Chu, and continue to celebrate diversity and break down barriers in gay porn.”

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Above, the cast of Black Panda, debuting March 30 on Below from top, Alex Chu, Osiris Blade and Ken Ott