On the set with Dirty Bird Pictures' 'The Porne Identity'

San Diego's Garage Studio shows a quiet façade. Inside, it's a dark barn glowing with enthusiasm as Dirty Bird Pictures shoots The Porne Identity, a sequel to its hit thriller The Porne Ultimatum. Kayden Saylor returns as Chason Porne, still out to rediscover his past after being shot in the head.


"Active Duty paved the way," says producer Dink Flamingo of his all-action, amateur military line, "and got me to the point where I could start Dirty Bird to make plotted comedies and dramas."


He's paternally brought the best Active Duty models into Dirty Bird, and guided models into directing, such as Brent Corrigan, whose Summit sales Flamingo proudly declares are "almost neck-to-neck with Porne Ultimatum. And I'm now able to hire great professionals like Mike Donner and Jett Blakk and be less controlling." (But he went personally to the airport to pick up most of the models!)


Porn great Mike Donner directed Dirty Bird's Army Strongarm, The Closet, Grindass House, Hollywood Marine and the first Porne feature. "This is one of the first times in all the years I've been doing this that I've had a producer who actually took interest in the scripts," he said. Is working with a producer and videographer who are also directors tense? "No, we've all been in each other's shoes. It gives you a little bit of a safety net of mutual understanding."


Jovial Jett Blakk, famed director of Dirty Little Secrets and Dare, is "in love with  moviemaking." He's directed Dirty Bird's Father Knows Best, Mugshots, Ringleader and Endgame, and is bringing his uniquely virile visual flair to videographing The Porne Identity. "I'm just hired help on this one," he says, then offers an obviously excited, dazzling description of the pleasure of collaborating with Mister Donner.


Quiet, Texas-born, impossibly beautiful Kayden Saylor says, "I feel more confident this time. I love working with Mike Donner. He has his vision and he pushes you toward it." Asked what happens between him and Brent Corrigan (Porne's love interest), he grins. "I think they're going to keep you waiting till the third movie to learn that. In this one, I flip-flop with two of the villain's goons. Chason Porne puts out."


Big-eyed Corrigan, fresh from a standout role in the mainstream Another Gay Sequel and his success directing Summit, reveals, "I also have a small part in the new Sean Penn movie, Milk." He's full of plans for an untitled New Orleans Summit-style movie. "My business partner, Grant Roy, and I have a sense of forethought we didn't have making Summit. And I'm playing two roles in another upcoming feature, and I actually engage with myself."


Pixieish Devin Moss plays "a boy-toy whore for a senator." He sits legs apart to accommodate the penis that won a Grabby Award for Best Uncut Cock. Besides being "fed up hearing people bitch because they went over their minutes" on a telephone company's customer service line, he entered porn as a "revenge thing" against an ex and now has the lead in a finished, but not yet titled Brent Corrigan/Dirty Bird feature.


Very respectable in a pin-striped suit as the villain's goon, straightforward Elijah says, "I was a para-legal in the Army. Friends at Fort Bragg saw me chatting with Dink on the Internet and said ‘Hey, we worked with that guy. It's easy money and good people to work with.' So I've done several Active Duty movies. I'm using the money to go back to school and choose a direction for my life."


D.J. served worldwide as a Marine and looks like a recruiting poster. "I'd thought about doing porn. I noticed that the guys in it were extremely hot. Being paid is a perk. I'm not the kind of a person who likes being the center of attention, but I guess I'm getting used to it." He's starting culinary school and hopes future boyfriends will be "understanding" if he's recognized from his movies.


Charmingly cautious, boyishly appealing Gage "was in the underwear section at Walmart when a gentleman [Dink Flamingo] approached me." Gage debated the pros and cons, then did scenes for Active Duty. "I don't get all revved-up about it. It's a job." He'd like to "have a dying scene" in this movie, but still be in the third Porne movie. "It'll be a resurrection," he jokes.


Sea-blue-eyed Chazz got to use his jiu-jitsu skills in Jett Blakk's Dirty Bird wrestling movie, Ringleaders, and also in some Active Duty scenes with other straight models. With great good humor, he says, "Straight actors are just ‘I'm gonna stick my dick in you and fuck the shit out of you and you're gonna like it.' I don't mind. I got back at them. Military men all want to be Alpha males. Gay actors are nicer."


Also starring are Barrett Long, Cash, and George Clooney-handsome Thomas Jackson ("I play Hardstone, a gangster. I get killed later today. But I have sex with Brent Corrigan.")


Makeup artist Garfunkel Smith says of porn makeup: "Less is more. Men don't need a lot except for zit-covering." He recommends "quite a bit of Durablend" for concealing tattoos, and Tend Skin and exfoliating gloves for "razor bumps. Not in your crotch area, but the ass-cheeks, yes!"


ORDERING INFO: DirtyBirdPictures.com, PulseDistribution.com.