Oliver Marks Named SayUncle AllStar for April

MIAMI—SayUncle announced Monday that Oliver Marks has been named its April AllStar.

Marks makes his SayUncle debut in his SayUncle AllStars spotlight scene, "Game On," which also marks the first collaboration between SayUncle and the popular podcast series "Dungeons and Daddies." Anthony Burch, the Dungeon Master of the show, co-created this scene with the help of SayUncle producers.

According to SayUncle's announcement, "The story follows Oliver, who immerses himself in the world of competitive online gaming. He loves to smack talk and make his game character teabag the loser. One day, Oliver plays against Tristan West II, and he does not appreciate Oliver’s actions. Tristan wants to give Oliver a taste of his own medicine and discovers where Oliver lives, taking things to a hornier level."

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