NakedSword's 'The Slutty Professor' Concludes With Season Finale

LOS ANGELES—NakedSword Originals on Thursday announced the conclusion of its hit series, The Slutty Professor, unveiling the season finale featuring stars Ace Era (The Slutty Professor) and Justin Brody (his favorite student).

The mr. Pam and Chi Chi LaRue-directed feature debuted earlier this month.

Now that the former nerdy Professor is the Sexy Slutty Professor after he created a potion to transform himself to win over his students, and save his job, he finally has the confidence to make his move on his favorite student, Justin Brody. The Slutty Professor ends up shoving his bulging crotch in the student's face after class and Justin pulls out his dick and feeds it to the Slutty Professor. He then bends him over the lab counter and following the instructions of the "Fuck Me" tattoo on the Professor’s ass, Justin shoves himself deep inside. 

Director mr. Pam says of the finale: "Ace and Justin are on fire in the final episode! Their chemistry is really off the charts, and they are both perfectly cast in their roles. Justin's role in particular is so fitting for him as he's the perfect mix of shy and unassuming but gorgeous and sexy at the same time. They are both great actors and really delivered on the script. I love the ending of this movie and couldn't be happier with the way it turned it out so don't miss it!"

The entire episode of The Slutty Professor is now playing only on 'The Netflix of Gay Porn,’