NakedSword's MXXX DVD Is In Stores And E-tailers Now

SAN FRANCISCO—NakedSword Originals has released the second scene from their new hit series MXXX as well as the release of the entire series on DVD, available at retail and wholesale worldwide.

The movie centers around bad boy Tom Faulk, a carefree 24-year old spends his days drinking beer, smoking weed and hanging with his motocross buddies, where he pulls stunts, jumps, burnouts, and tears up the acreage around his uncle's ranch with dreams of going pro. Drunken parties, testosterone induced brawls, brutal grunge sex, and a pissed off probation officer bring everything to a head. With the help of his cousin (Brent Corrigan) and his uncle (JJ Knight), Tom realizes it's time to leave his Texas Neverland for the real world. The series also features Ryan Rose and Johnny V, with Sean Duran, Gabriel Alanzo, Phoenix Fellington and Axle Rose.

In the second scene, which went live today only on NakedSword, Ryan Rose challenges Phoenix Fellington to a race, even offering him use of the "good bike." Mid-race Phoenix dumps Ryan's bike, pissing off Ryan who obviously cares more about his $10,000 bike then his teammate. The argument heats up until Phoenix calls out Ryan and that's when he moves in.

NakedSword's mr. Pam stated, "Tom Faulk is one of the most interesting people I have met. He's funny, crazy, sexy and oozes with confidence and charisma without even trying. This movie is inspired by his YouTube motocross videos and his crazy balls-to-the-wall life in Texas.

"I can't think this amazing all-star cast enough," she continued. "I truly felt the investment in this movie from everyone involved. We came with a script but the story morphed as the crew and I observed Tom's real life. It's such an inspiration. It was truly a group effort and such an awesome experience that I will treasure forever. Definitely the muddiest movie set I have ever been on so it's appropriately nicknamed 'the dirt movie.' I think everyone is going to love it; there's nothing like it out there in the market today."
NakedSword Originals' unique and dirty series MXXX is now playing only on the "Netflix of gay porn,"