NakedSword X Rhyheim Debuts 'Deep in Paradise'

SAN FRANCISCO—NakedSword X Rhyheim has announced the release of Deep in Paradise, a new collection of steamy bareback scenes from executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz. Directed by the acclaimed Alternativa, Deep in Paradise debuts today on DVD and as a digital download in the Falcon|NakedSword store.

In the first scene, Will Duarte is lifting Theo Colucci’s body to rim and bang his hole in mid-air. Markin Wolf is next to hop in bed as he eagerly awaits the chance to service Nath Latrel. Next, Gael enters and immediately starts worshiping Andé Pijote. Later, Vitor Alves inches up the sheets to meet Yuri Oberon,  followed by raw hookup between Alex Rosso and Felipe Prado.

All episodes of Deep in Paradise, along with every other offering from NakedSword X Rhyheim, are now streaming on and available for promotion through

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