NakedSword Expands Behind-the-Scenes Productions

SAN FRANCISCO - NakedSword plans to increase production of behind-the-scenes footage it offers to consumers and webmaster affiliates. Increased production will begin with two upcoming features, Mustang Studios' Green Door and Raging Stallion's The Visitor.

The new material will debut on NakedSword's e-zine,, and then appear as special features on the studios' DVDs before joining the affiliate tools webmasters may use to promote NakedSword's content offerings.

"It's great having NakedSword on the set," said director Steve Cruz, who invited TheSword's crew to the Green Door set. "They know how to get the models to open up and share the craziest stuff. Because their behind-the-scenes [material] is shot from an outsider's perspective, it's more fun and interesting."

Cruz said he will add a NakedSword-shot feature to the Green Door DVD and is planning to work with NakedSword to produce a more extensive behind-the-scenes feature for an upcoming movie to be shot in June.

The NakedSword family of websites has produced behind-the-scenes and event coverage for other studio partners, as well. Previous efforts have featured Hot House Entertainment, Falcon Studios, and A NakedSword-produced "extra" was part of the package that earned Raging Stallion's To the Last Man the 2009 GAYVN Award for Best DVD Extras.

"We're getting viewers to engage more with the videos they watch," said NakedSword chief executive officer Tim Valenti. "This is great for our members and provides extraordinary bonus content the DVDs and websites of our partner studios."

Studios interested in working with NakedSword to produce behind-the-scenes features and affiliates interested in using the bonus content to help convert sales may contact [email protected].

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