Debuting Breaking Glass Pictures' 'Twice'

SAN FRANCISCO— is debuting the erotic short "Twice" under its NakedSword Film Works banner. Starring Francesco Aricò, Salvatore Alfano and Cristina Cappelli, "Twice" is a 2017 Italian short directed by Domenico Onorato from Breaking Glass Pictures. The short will be added to NakedSword's library of titles.

As press materials describe, "Diego is full of life, yet fragile. His best friend, Antonio, knows and indulges his weaknesses, but he would also like to see his pal find some strength and masculinity. One night, they meet Maria, a breezy natural beauty. To prove he is a 'real man,' Diego is ready to do anything—even if it means forcing himself into a situation he never would have wanted."

"Twice" is available for promotion through Contact Cameron Greer at [email protected] for any additional inquiries.