Mystery, Adventure Mark Cazzo Films’ New ‘Men Factory’

SAN FRANCISCOIn the halls of an abandoned factory, the scent of decades of sweat from hardworking men still hangs in the air. German studio Cazzo Films star Fred Faurtin is fascinated by the evocative essence of pure sex as he explores the building. His steps lead him not only further into the mysterious setting that infuses every scene of Men Factory, but also into a sexual adventure that will test the bounds of his endurance.

When he reaches the dilapidated showers, Faurtin imagines all the naked, muscular workers who washed the sweat off their exhausted bodies under the now-dry jets. Then he finds a video camera that contains a recording of blond Clark Houston jerking off. But just before Houston shoots his load, the recording suddenly ends. What happened? The search is on.

Faurtin soon realizes he’s not alone as he prowls the strange compound. Other horny men emerge from cellars and shadowy corners and waste no time in engaging each other in raw, hungry sex. David Castan and Matthieu take turns plowing Nicolas Torri and don’t stop until they have satisfied their darkest fisting fantasies.

After winning a sword fight, gladiator Carioca is more than happy to collect his reward from brawny Alex Ryder.

Eventually Faurtin finds Houston chained; Houston repays Faurtin for his freedom by taking the latter on in multiple positions.

After a chase through the factory’s halls, Faurtin and Houston together attack their quarry: Brazilian Ricardo.

Men Factory was directed by Jörg Andreas and runs 75 minutes. It is available from the studio’s North American distributor, Raging Stallion Studios.

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