MV Xposed Features TroyTurnerUK

MONTREALManyVids has posted a new interview with TroyTurnerUK as part of their MV Xposed series.

The Q&A with Turner follows:

What have you learned about yourself making adult content? 

I have discovered that I am a lot more confident in myself and you don't need to be a model to strip naked.

What men in the adult industry inspire you and why? 

There are many many amazing guys in the industry and everyone inspires me.

Who in general inspires you and why? 

As a gay man, there are two ladies that I am absolutely inspired by: Rebecca Moore and Sophie Anderson, known as the Cock Destroyers. I absolutely love these two because they don't think twice about anyone sending negative thoughts towards them and I love that... be yourself and de-spunk them balls.

What are your goals on ManyVids and in adult entertainment in general? 

I love making videos and images so building up a bigger fan base and getting my cock out there a bit more and helping to entertain the guys who watch me 

What would your perfect day be like? 

I have two ideas of what a perfect day is:
1. Relaxing and totally chilling out.
2. Masturbating all day and having lots of sex.

What are your major turn-ons and turn-offs? 

Turn-ons: I love my nipples played with gently and kissing, moaning is a massive turn on for me too. Turn-offs: If a guy has a BO smell its an instant turn-off for me... sorry guys! Oh and bad teeth.

What are your hobbies and passions? 

One of my best hobbies is socializing with my friends, and I love traveling the world, I have to pet dogs and they are my life. I absolutely worship my animal friends and children.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Don't look back, look forward.

Say something to your fans: 

I absolutely love each and every one of you, thank you to all who have supported me and helped me, I'm not perfect I'm just me.

I’m most like this fictional character: Tarzan but without abs.

My favorite sex toys are: Dildos.

The fastest way to make me cum is: Moan louder. 

If I could instantly become an expert in something, it would be: Personal trainer.

If forced to do karaoke this is the song I’d sing: This Is Me from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. 

My fave sex position is: Fucking a guy on all fours.

Three words that describe me are: Silly. Sexy. Hung.