Muscle Men Get 'Aggro!' for Latest From Raging Stallion

SAN FRANCISCO—Award-winning director Steve Cruz oversees a cast of ripped and rugged men in new Raging Stallion Studios all-sexer Aggro!, available now on DVD and as a digital download at the Falcon|NakedSword store, and rolling out on 

The debut scene stars Heath Halo, Timothy Chance and Mateo Tomas, and the movie also features Falcon|NakedSword exclusive Beau Butler, Bruce Jones, Masculine Jason and Braxton Cruz.

Describes a company synopsis, "Heath Halo, Timothy Chance and Mateo Tomas’ naked muscle-bodies are pounding against a wrestling mat as they aggressively manhandle and pin each other down. The battle for domination soon leads to an intricately formed threesome as they use their mouths to suck each other’s big dicks and rim each other’s sweaty holes. Unable to tell where one horny, hairy man begins and the other ends, the versatile trio takes turns fucking each other bareback across the mat until their throbbing cocks are left fully satisfied and their throats are coated in cum.

"In future episodes of Aggro!, hung muscle daddy Mateo Tomas is back to dominate Beau Butler’s thick ass while Heath Halo swallows down some cock with Bruce Jones before filling an empty warehouse with the overpowering sounds of their bare skin clapping together. Bruce Jones, insatiable as always and forever on the hunt for his next fuck, then turns to inked-up stranger Masculine Jason’s big dick to fully stretch him out and vigorously pound him down. Nearby, Beau Butler brings the late night of rough, anonymous bareback sex to an explosive climax as he waits on all fours for Braxton Cruz to come over and take complete control of his perfectly furry hole."

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