Mickey’s Quickies | ‘TwinkBlood’ Wraps, Lucas Blogs about Israeli Shoot, Talvin Takes a Break, More Gay Gossip

TwinkBlood is another porn spoof hoping to capitalize on the vampire craze, but it’s not just a riff on the Twilight movies or HBO’s True Blood. This script has elements of older, more iconic vampire movies and incorporates demonic symbols and ancient rituals.

Chase Harding stars in TwinkBlood with a handful of newcomers for BoyLair Studios. Harding was supposed to star in Twinklight, announced last year, but the project never happened.

TwinkBlood wrapped after four days of shooting in Phoenix and is expected out before the end of the year. The movie tells the tale of 18-year-old Miles Pride, who moves to Phoenix to start his first year of college. He settles in, adjusts to the burning heat and the frigid nights, and finds that more than just the cold penetrates the “city of the sun” when the sun goes down. Pride risks everything to discover the truth behind recent vampire attacks and uncovers a twist that turns his life upside down.

It’s been a tough year for Talvin DeMachio, the Hot House legend who began his porn career in 1996. He has been taking care of a sick father and working in a mainstream job while continuing to make appearances around the world when he can. Now he is taking a break.

“Now is the time for me to take a very long break from the industry and think about if it’s time for me to exit stage left,” he said.

He said his final day of escorting will be March 1, 2010, and his performance tours before then very well may be his last.

“During this break time I will not be checking my emails; however, I may periodically write just to let you know how things are going in my day-to-day life,” he wrote in an email.

He’s planning a final nude photo shoot with acclaimed porn shutterbug Brian Mills in January, and the results will be posted on his website. At 38, DeMachio still looks like the hot guy who was featured in one of my Bad Boys on Video books.

“Remember, I am not calling it quits yet,” he insisted. “However, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting brighter and brighter.”

More quickies:

    Michael Lucas has some great behind-the-scenes stories about the difficulties of shooting in Israel this time around. Some of the guys were hesitant to shoot on the historic lands, media were following them around, and they were shooting in precarious caverns and abandoned villages—some more than 4,000 years old. It’s all on LucasBlog.com and LucasEntertainment.com, and Lucas also promises a lot of documentary and behind-the-scenes footage on the upcoming DVDs from the ground-breaking trip.
    Yikes! Hot House is making eyes (and other body parts) open wider than ever with an exclusive sneak peek scene the studio plans to launch this week at Dungeon.HotHouse.com. The scene is almost comical: James Aaron rushes to a clinic to check on some lower abdominal pain, and the doctor finds a fat, bullet-shaped butt toy stuck deep inside his butt. To get it, a flashlight and a horse-sized speculum are required. The whole “operation” is recorded on the site in “Scene 4.”
    Versatile Josh Griffin bottoms in CarJackers and tops in Tackle, both from Jet Set Men. Griffin recently revealed he has had a four-month love affair with Dawson Riley, one of the hot guys at RandyBlue.com. Gee, that’s practically a silver anniversary in the gay porn world. No doubt a scene featuring the two real-life lovers is already in the works with Griffin’s agent, Jason Sechrest at DV8 Casting.
    COLT Firm is a new natural “enhancer” pill touted by COLT Studio Group. Cleverly titled “The All-Nighter,” “The Weekender” and “The Marathoner,” the pills come in packets of up to four.
    Brent Corrigan, who walked away with three GAYVN trophies earlier this year, now is repped by David Forest, who has come out of “retirement” to found The Premiere Artists agency. Corrigan is one of those guys who is making it in mainstream indie productions like the upcoming Sister Mary and The Big Gay Musical. His cameo appearance in Another Gay Sequel was a big hit. Add those to his porn resume of titles like The Porne Identity, The Porne Ultimatum and the Just the Sex series.
    Matt Skallerud, president of Pink Banana Media and creator of GayWired.com, is going to share his online secrets Dec. 8 during a presentation sponsored by the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. “Online Marketing and Web 2.0” will show people how to promote and market their businesses online and will occur at the Plummer Park Community Center in West Hollywood. Skallerud said “this can make the difference between coasting through or succeeding in this beleaguered economy.” Among the topics he plans to cover is how to use blogs and networking sources like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.