Mickey's Quickies | Prion Dives into Pool Parties, Boy Banned Signs with Eurocreme, Jarics Break up, More Gay Gossip

Longtime director and AVN Hall of Famer Robert Prion plans to kick off his annual pool parties in May. From 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, he opens his celebrated New Jersey home, The Oasis, to young men who want a chance to perform. Prion and his partner, Jay Richards, usually manage to find quite a bit of new talent, and we’ll report about this year’s crop.

Bijou Video has dusted off another classic title and re-released it on DVD. This one is a collaboration between legendary director Toby Ross and filmmaker Steve Scott. Boys from L.A. depicts Joe Andrews interviewing a young stud named Glen Robertson as an employee for “Joe’s Escort Service.” Andrews tells the potential employee some things the clients may expect of him, and those casting couch stories are the crux of the movie. Ed Wiley, Jim Rogers, J.W. King and a lot of young unknowns compose the cast.

The fantasies that so many of us have about boy bands playing around with each other have been confirmed now that Eurocreme Productions has signed the European foursome Boy Banned to take off their clothes for the cameras. The group has been touring Europe with their hit “One World”; they’re scheduled to perform at Berlin Pride in June. Soon after that, their DVD will reveal all. A first interview with the group was posted a few days ago. According to Banned members, “…most of the boy bands out there are mostly naked all the time anyway, but it’s more about the music.” OK, we’ll see.

It’s sad to note the split-up of any couple, but more so when the couple is Jordan and Aden Jaric. Last weekend TheSword.com reported about the pair’s breakup after five years together (a golden anniversary in gay-porn years). Evidently a party promoter had to renege on the two of them appearing together at a show. The couple signed with Falcon as exclusives and starred in hot titles like Endless Crush and Morning Wood. On their Facebook page, the Jarics insist they won’t answer questions about their personal lives or the split at this time.