Mickey's Quickies: D.O. on the Rise

One of the stars I'm excited about meeting for the first time at the GAYVN Awards is simply known as D.O. He's going to swing into San Francisco for the awards, and then come down to Los Angeles to be photographed by some of the world's greatest shutterbugs for a charity book - clearly porn hasn't hurt D.O.'s modeling career.

D.O. is the first exclusive for Black Scorpion Video, one of the newest companies on the gay porn scene which made a splash by nabbing 18 nominations for this year's GAYVN Awards. After only two years, Black Scorpion has rocked the industry with innovative titles and high-quality work. From sex in a fancy Manhattan restaurant (and a breathtaking box cover) in Hunger to a shipwreck fantasy in Man Island .this company tries to uphold high standards in their porn stories.

"We always want to pay attention to detail, from the box to the sets to the camera work," says marketing director James Ian from the studio's offices in New York. "We spend a little more on the models, and every movie has been shot in at least seven days. We don't want the models to look bored, we want to keep them interested in each other and look like they're enjoying each other."

Now they're looking for more exclusives like 33-year-old Argentine fashion model Dionisio Heiderscheid, casually known as D.O. He was on magazine covers around the world before starring in Black Scorpion's blockbuster Obsession of D.O. with Rafael Alencar  (who, by the way, was a model in nearby Brazil), who stalks the titular performer. "D.O." is just the shortening of his full name, and this year he received four GAYVN nominations himself - for Best Actor and Best Cum-Shot for Sex Hiker as well as Best Top and the prestigious Performer of the Year.

For the photo book The Different Sides of D.O., he'll allow 20 world-renowned fashion photographers to have their way with him, shooting him as they like, all to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness. He also recently did a down-and-dirty photo shoot for Rufskin with photographer Rick Day.

"The photos look great and are shocking," D.O. says. "I met Rick Day while working for my own book. He started promoting me and we did the August issue of Genre magazine, the covers of Manner magazine in Germany and Pier magazine in Italy. Then he called me again to be on his book which will be done in March."

He's modeling in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the next few months to complete the book (and they're still looking for five more photogs.) He's also breaking into directing with an auditions line called Sex Sessions.

"D.O. is directing these guys and it's very voyeuristic, there are three cameras, with one on just him watching the guys," says Ian, who plans to release Sex Sessions Parts 1, 2 and 3 by March. "It's part of our Black Rat line and in each one, D.O. is getting better as a director."