Mickey’s Quickies | Chi Chi Lights Up WeHo, Grabby Awards, Kent Logan’s Legendary Body

Chi Chi LaRue certainly has brought the Christmas spirit to her new store on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif. With more than 14,000 lights, the pink, glittery space is a beacon of the sort rarely seen in porn.

The merchandise is fun. Check out the LaRue “pornaments,” including Rascal Savage Balls and other knick-knacks for stocking filler.

LaRue herself is off playing Santa around the country with her stable of boys. After hitting a few WeHo hot spots, LaRue will head home to Minnesota for a Christmas bash at The Gay Nineties in Minneapolis, followed by a New Year’s Eve party at Club Metro in Jacksonville, Fla.

Meanwhile, right down the block from LaRue’s boutique, across from the French Marketplace, Sabin Gray’s Friends of Dorothy store also is filled with lights and miniature Christmas villages—truly a sight to behold. Sabin, of course, is the former manager of the Tom Kat porn theater, publisher of the Gay Video Guide and creator of the Gay Video Guide Awards, also known as the Dickies.

The date for Chicago’s Grabby Awards has been set for Saturday, May 29, 2010, at the Park West Theater. This year’s gala will be sponsored by Grab Magazine. Mark Nagel, who for years coordinated the show with Gay Chicago Magazine, now is a staffer at Grab. The awards remain his baby.

I should mention, too, that counting out the GAYVN Awards—as a number of gossip mongers seem to be doing—is premature. And seriously: When it comes to sex, no one wants to be premature, now do they?

COLT Studio stud Kent Logan gives viewers an up-close look at his workout regimen in the studio’s new Legendary Bodies 2. His muscles pulsate as he works the barbells and pumps up in front of the mirror. Eventually, he strips off his clothes and stands in just his jock strap to pose and flex in the mirrors.

He is truly a work of art.