Mickey’s Quickies: Best News and Sad Losses Over the Past Decade

We’re in the middle of the first week of 13 major gay adult reviewers coming up with significant moments from the past decade (or the first decade of the 21st century). It’s a bit overwhelming to come up with the titles yet, and I will have to wait a few more days as I think about what others have said. So I’m going to come up with a few of the major losses and some ignificant news of the decade first.


* Director Wash West winning two big awards at Sundance for Quinceañera. (Check out the latest movie he produced, Pedro, coming out soon on DVD)

* Rod Masters becoming a right-wing columnist and hypocrite

* Tom Katt becoming a right-wing preacher

* All the porn stars on Dante’s Cove with director Sam Irwin and cast by Gino Colbert

* All the porn stars on The Lair directed by Fred Olen Ray and also cast by Colbert

* All the porn stars doing mainstream modeling

* Jerry Douglas directing a play on Broadway

* Ryan Idol appearing in an off-Broadway play


* Brent Corrigan and the murder trial. I think that without question, the big news of the past decade was the sordid murder of Brian Kocis over a disputed contract involving Brent Corrigan, who, it turned out, was underage to begin with and shouldn’t have been doing porn. This story is the O.J. Simpson of gay porn. Gosh, last decade the biggest news was Ryan Idol falling out of a window!

* Marcus Allen accused of murdering a businessman in Colorado

* The Gay Chicago Awards going big and mainstream and getting nicknamed the Grabbys

* The GAYVN Awards moving to San Francisco


There are many many people who have passed, but these came off the top of my head, and I hope my other bloggers will add to the list.

Porn icon Jack Wrangler
Porn stars Cole Ryder, Brett Mycles, Lynden Thomas, Tom Howard, Johnny Rey, Rod Phillips, Danny Roddick
Director/star Geoffrey Karen Dior
Director Matt Sterling
Editor Barry Knight of Jaguar Studios
Gay Chicago publisher Ralph Paul “Big Daddy” Ferguson

On that cheery note, I’m sure I’ll be adding more in the coming days. And please check out what my colleagues are writing on their blogs about the best of the first decade of the 21st century:

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