Mickey’s Quickies | Bel Ami Twins Visit Florida, Aiden Shaw Writes Again, More Gay Gossip

Triplets and twin porn stars from Eastern Europe will invade Florida in November and December. Twins Milo and Elijah Peters will make their worldwide club debut Dec. 12-13 during their first trip to the U.S. The Bel Ami stars were lured out of Europe by promoter Sean David to perform at Johnny’s in Ft. Lauderdale. A special VIP pre-show party will allow 50 guests to get up close and personal on Dec. 10. For more, visit JohnnysBarFl.com.

Visconti triplets Joey, Jason and Jimmy are scheduled to perform two live shows daily during the Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25 to 28, at the Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale (BoardWalkBar.com).

“We like going to the clubs to meet fans and perform,” one of the triplets (I can’t tell them apart!) told me when we were together for the GAYVN Awards in San Francisco earlier this year. “It is more fun than even making the movies, because we get immediate feedback and they seem to like us.”

Both of the events no doubt will have fans planning tips across the country to South Florida.

Gay adult performer Aiden Shaw became even more famous he wrote a book, My Undoing: Love in the Thick of Sex, Drugs, Pornography, and Prostitution (Running Press, 2006). People reportedly actually read the thing, and it got him a lot of press and talk-show interviews. Now, his Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom (Alyson Books, November 2009) is expected to hit shelves next week. In what has been called a prequel to the previous tome, Shaw talks about how Chi Chi LaRue helped him as a poor college student by snapping a bunch of Polaroids after Shaw got hard. The experience led to Shaw’s appearance in more than 50 movies and apparently kept him from pursuing a career as a master hustler.

A few more quickies:

  • Legendary director William Higgins has found a few older, macho studs, and he wants fans to weigh in with their opinions. Higgins requested folks visit WilliamHiggins.com and “take a look at our Rudolf Schneider and Egon Huska and let me know what you think.” The guys are a bit older and possess many more muscles than we’re used to from Higgins, but they certainly are mouthwatering.
  • There’s nothing more enticing than playing strip poker with a deck of nude studs. The COLT stocking stuffers this year include a deck of cards in seven languages. Each deck is $7.99. Other new items in the COLT online store include caps and jockstraps.
  • Bear Films just launched a new movie, Bears on the Prowl, offering five scenes and 10 bears. The “woofs” in this title, directed by Victor Cody, use playroom slings, an outdoor construction site and lots of sweat and hair.
  • Even though they could never distribute a urination DVD in England due to the U.K.’s obscenity laws, Triga Films’ website just posted a slew of Brit lads Pissing for England. Visit TrigaFilms.com.
  • French performer Sean Mathieu is releasing his own new title called Horny French Amateur Casting. Due out next week, the movie touts huge uncut cocks, extreme toy play and young amateurs. According to Mathieu, the title includes “no staged krappe.”
  • Longtime GAYVN Awards judge Vincent Lambert has posted to VincentLambert.com an exclusive interview with the enigmatic Simon Dexter. Formerly known as Harley at SeanCody.com, the 26-year-old gay adult performer met Lambert in New York and revealed a goal of becoming a mainstream actor. Apparently, Dexter already has received a few bites in that regard, so we may be writing about a mainstream career soon.