Michael Lucas Charges Out Professionals With Discrimination

NEW YORK - An op-ed column in The New York Blade written by Lucas Entertainment owner Michael Lucas accuses networking organization Out Professionals of practicing gay-on-gay discrimination, due to president Michael Tracy's refusal to run Lucas' want ads for his company on its website.

"In the past, I have placed ads on that site for positions in the Lucas Entertainment corporate offices," Lucas wrote. "By that means I have come to employ more than a dozen professionals in positions as diverse as that of cameraman, operator, accountant and computer programmer.

"A few months ago, we were rejected when we tried to post additional ads for a cameraman and an editor," he continued. "Michael Tracy ... said it is the policy of Out Professionals not to accept listings from adult entertainment companies. ... I told him that was a form of discrimination. ... I can find people to work in my corporate offices without Out Professionals. Michael Tracy's obnoxious behavior illustrates the tendency of certain gays and lesbians to treat others in our community as second-class citizens."

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