to Debute New Series 'Summa Cum Load'

LOS ANGELES— has announced the release of its new series, Summa Cum Load, which will debut next week.

The six-part series follows a group of Men university students as they navigate their way through the fraternity experience, and all the sexy shenanigans involved. Ashton Summers, Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks, Michael Vente, Dillon Diaz and Killian Knox star.

The first scene follows Ashton Summers, a freshman at Men University who decides to rush Summa Cum Load, the top fraternity on campus, to shed his nerdy image. After receiving a bid card, Summers shows up at the frat house where Cristiano, the pledge educator, explains to him that he must spend a lot of time getting to know his active brothers before becoming an initiated member. Later, while he visits the frat house for the first time, he stumbles upon Kyle Fletcher, naked in his room. Fletcher is so welcoming that he even agrees to suck Summers' cock. It doesn’t take long until Cristiano comes back to join in the threesome.

In scene two, it’s the Big Game, and most of the frat bros went to the closest bar to watch it, except for Dom King and Michael Vente. Vente schemes a plan to get inside King’s pants, but King's cheerleader girlfriend is already on her way over to watch the game. When King tries to put the moves on his girlfriend on the couch, she scolds him for being too horny. Just the opportunity Vente wanted, and soon he's sucking King's cock. 

In the third scene, pledge Summers is awoken in the middle of the night, then blindfolded and pulled from his bed by robed frat brothers Cristiano and Trevor Brooks. Pledgemaster Brooks tells Summers he's been chosen to join Summa Cum Load and invites him to take on a challenge, which Summers is up for, promising to do whatever he's told.

In the fourth scene, the Men University dean has been hearing worrisome reports of hazing on campus, so he tasks security guard Dillon Diaz to monitor the frats, starting with Summa Cum Load. Diaz is on the case, but there's no answer to his knock as only Kyle Fletcher is home, and he's too engrossed in his game to hear. Diaz lets himself in and pokes around, and when he sees Kyle's tight ass, he has to make a move.

In the fifth scene, Summers is chilling on the couch at the Summa Cum Load house when he finds a dildo and decides to use it. But just as he's about to fuck himself, Vente and Brooks stumble in, making out and ready to fuck. Summers tells them to get a room and peeks in at them as Brooks pounds Vente on the bed, getting a naughty idea. 

In the sixth and final scene, Killian Knox has heard rumors about hazing at his son's new frat, so he shows up unannounced at Summa Cum Load and breaks up the party. After Summers reassures him that he's fine, Knox is going to hit the head ... but walks in on Fletcher fucking his hole with a toy instead. 

Summa Cum Load will begin rolling out on Friday, Jan. 26, with a new episode every week, exclusively on