to Debut New Series 'The Thirst'

LOS ANGELES— will soon release The Thirst, a new series headlined by contract stars Malik Delgaty and Austin Wolf.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the three-part series also stars Damian Night, Shamu Azizam, and Roman Todd (in a villainous role).

The series follows Malik Delgaty as he wanders the once-verdant desert searching for something more precious than gold: water. After drinking the last dregs from his canteen, he sees a tent and drags himself closer. Inside, Austin Wolf and Damian Night have water, but as Malik is plotting how he can get his hands on some of their water, he gets a surprise...

The Thirst will begin rolling out on Friday, May 24th, streaming on Keep an eye on's social media platforms for exclusive sneak peeks.