Announces New Series 'Joey's Surf Vacation'

LOS ANGELES— on Monday announced the debut of its new series Joey’s Surf Vacation, headlined by contract star Joey Mills.

The four-part series follows Joey as he travels to Spain to learn how to surf. Troy Daniels, Dean Young and MrDeepVoice also star.

In the first scene, Joey’s host, Dean Young, is not just a hot surfer but a hot gay surfer, and Joey's happy to meet him and his boyfriend before going to hit the beach where he meets tattooed stud Troy Daniels. Troy gives him some tips for riding a wave, but Joey wants to ride him. They find a secluded spot on a hillside.

In the second scene, Joey has his first surfing lesson with his host Dean Young, and the guys start kissing and touching each other on the beach. As things heat up, Dean suggests going back to the villa for a siesta, especially since his boyfriend is at work.

In the third scene, Dean is still sprawled out on the bed with Joey when his boyfriend, MrDeepVoice, unexpectedly gets home from work. They have just enough warning for Joey to hide before MrDeepVoice comes into the bedroom, horny for his BF. 

In the fourth and last scene, MrDeepVoice heads for the shower but gets waylaid by Joey, who wants to get way laid. 

Joey’s Surf Vacation will begin rolling out on Monday, February 12th, with a new episode every week, exclusively on