May 2007 Gossip

Gavin Lowe, that really tall, handsome guy who was always helping Matt Sterling get around during the last decade of his life, has finally recovered from the death of the superstar director. Gavin has a new website called where he's focusing on South American studs he's found. "I've been working on this site for the last two years and I finally got it to what I always wanted to do," he says. Gavin's two exclusives, well-muscled blonds Ryan and Billy, are the most hit-on at the moment. Although it's all online now, it's probably not long before he releases some of his own DVDs from the site too.

I can't wait to see the sequel to one of my favorite twink movies of last year, PZP Productions' The DaVinci Load. The title is classic: DaVinci Load 2: Electric Twinkaloo.

"Dirty sex with an edge" is what Chi Chi LaRue said after wrapping the 32-man Link: Evolution. The award-winning Link series did well for All Worlds, and now that LaRue and partners bought the company, he's revived the line after a six-year hiatus. Kevin Miles from Final Link is in it along with Bobby Williams, Johnny Hazzard, Tyler Riggz, and many more.

I got a sneak peek at Naked — The Life and Pornography of Michael Lucas, and it reveals more about the Manhattan-based producer/ director/ superstar than anyone would ever want to know. It dwells a lot on his Russian-Jewish roots, and the cover mock-up is a loving shot of Lucas. The problem is that Lucas himself has disavowed any support for the book now, supposedly because, he says, "I was bored reading about myself after awhile." The star is portrayed ultra-flatteringly and there are a few moments that may be a bit hard for Lucas to read, but overall it's a glowing portrayal, and maybe that's why it's not too exciting — it's not critical enough. When it gets published and distributed, I'll give a full report on the book. Meanwhile, Lucas finally has a dildo of himself out and people on his staff are waving it around and telling him to "go fuck yourself!" 

"It's not over." That's what Paul Barresi says about the Anna Nicole Smith death. Shortly after the autopsy report didn't blame anyone except her, Barresi was on the phone with me telling me about his latest shoot (another daddy title) and that in his "investigative detective" job he is helping some of the Smith inner circle find out more about what happened in her last days, and what really happened to her son. Barresi will also be involved in the Anthony Pelicano trial when it goes to court, no doubt too. Stay tuned.

Well, Rod Majors, also known as Cpl. Matt Sanchez, who was outed after being honored by the Republicans, was a columnist for me when I edited (long-defunct) URGE Magazine and he wrote a few "fictional" pieces. The cute, hunky, dark Kristen Bjorn discovery was also one of the smartest porn stars I ever met. When I knew him, he was bisexual (I met a girlfriend of his once) and yet always sexual. His "Steamy Reminiscences at the Sauna" created such a reader response that I commissioned a story about "Really Behind the Scenes" which talked about how he could maintain an erection for 14 hours and how Bjorn gets hysterical just before filming the cum-shots. "I exaggerate my facial expressions before ejaculating onto my partner's back. I work hard to milk every precious last drop out. I get everything right, meaning the semen falls where it's supposed to fall and the cameraman catches everything." He's a great guy and I wish him well, despite his conservatism.

Speaking of writing, John Patrick, who's published books about the Industry for nearly two decades, has put together an anthology called Dangerous Boys/ Rent Boys coming out next month. Although billed as erotica, with big names like Terry Cross, Frank Brooks, and James Wilton contributing, you'll absolutely recognize some of the characters in the book as your favorite porn stars.

Finally, some sad news: Candy the Pig, given to Sharon Kane by her gay-for-pay porn boyfriend Rip Stone, has died on a ranch outside Los Angeles. She lived a long life and died in her sleep in her blanket. Candy not only had cameos in a few videos over the years, but was the unofficial mascot inspiration for MSR Video's "Men Are Pigs" logo.


Photo: BangBangBoys' Billy