March 2007 Gossip

A few San Francisco-based porn stars are speaking out against crystal meth, which is devastating the community. has testimonies from stars such as Spencer Quest, who is blogging about his experiences in rehab and the devastating effects of drugs. The campaign also has Tom Lazzarri, Matthew Rush, Matt Cole, Parker Williams, and Michael Brandon among the stars who are speaking out about the uncoolness of meth and that you can have hot sex without it. You go guys!


The boys from Brazil are being discovered more and more by the smart companies. Historic Athletic Model Guild has tapped into the market and last year launched AMG Brasil as a new line. Fazenda, which is Portuguese for farm or ranch, is their latest release. And Collin O'Neal has found hot men in São Paulo and filmed them against the backdrop of one of the great waterfalls of the world, Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina. I've been there, and it's a powerful feeling to stand on the edge of the great falls, but it's even more entrancing with the guys O'Neal has coaxed to get naked for him.


In the "whatever happened to" department, I had lunch with former star/ director David Thompson who took a sabbatical from adult video for a while, but is itching to get back in. Looking great, and always with a sense of humor, Thompson has kept busy by staging his one-man show in San Francisco and running a mainstream company that throws parties. He says, "I've always wanted to come back with the knowledge that I've gained since I left and do one more big title, but I don't even know who to go to anymore." He does have an idea that would be a big seller, and sounds funny too. He is finishing up a master's degree and studying psychology and his house in Hollywood has a few former superstar porn guys living in it. 


There's nothing like telling it like it is, and Marina Pacific has a Jet Set International title from Stephane Moussu called Young Men Just Wanna Fuck! It's 20-ish twinks in sexy settings, this time in a club called Chez Maggy. There's also a scene in a small plane.


Turning heads while out in Manhattan were Titan Exclusive Diesel Washington and newcomer stud Tre Xavier. It's been a long time since I had fans write me directly to ask about guys they've met in person, but after Will Clark's Porno Bingo in late January, I got a few asking about these two. Diesel Washington has had tongues wagging and mouths watering since his personal appearance at the GAYVN Expo, and he stands at six-foot-six-inches and packs nine inches where it counts. His namesake comes from a combination of Vin Diesel and Denzel Washington. Frankly this 250-lb hunk could blow either of those superstars away — and he's nice to fans too. Tre Xavier, who's a self-professed exhibitionist and has starred in Tyson Cane videos as well as Pitbull's Love of the Dick 4, says he's just in the business to have fun — and personally likes double penetration, water sports, and bukkake. Well, isn't that refreshing?



Photo: Carvalho Twins star in Fazenda