Lucas Series Ends With <I>Fire Island Cruising 7-8</I>

Saying that it is becoming more and more difficult to film on Fire Island, Lucas Entertainment publicist Heather Reznor announced on Friday that Michael Lucas' popular Fire Island Cruising series, which began in 2000, will end with Parts 7-8 shot last summer.

"We had a great time filming for all these years, but Fire Island is getting a little too conservative," Reznor said, "so we decided to wrap it all up this summer."

Fire Island Cruising 7 will be released on November 15. The final installment, FIC 8, will be released on January 17, 2006. A documentary covering the filming of these two movies is scheduled for release in February 2006, Reznor said.

Superhung superstar Chad Hunt, whose first XXX appearance was in Fire Island Cruising 1, stars with Michael Lucas, Bruce Beckham, Kent Larson, and Parker Williams. Other cast members include Andy Hunter (who bottoms for the first time), Erik Grant, Chad Leigh, and Owen Hawk.

Reznor noted that a budget twice that of other films in the series allowed for the big-name cast, a more dialogue-heavy script, and "more of a real film look. FIC 7 and 8 are like Kill Bill 1 and 2 — you really can't see one without the other!"

Replacing the Fire Island Cruising series, according to Reznor, will be a new line called Encounters. "It will be filmed in New York City and will take its shape based on fan/audience participation," she said. The Encounters line will debut in January.

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