Lucas Readies First Title in New Raunch Line

NEW YORK - Lucas Entertainment is readying for release the first title in the company's new Raunch line.

Farts! is "our filthiest, kinkiest release to date, focusing on talking buttholes," according to publicity director Patrick Collins. "Michael Lucas, along with Nick Capra, Cam Casey, Jason Crew, Danny Delta, Josef Jakobs, Micah Lawrence, Sean Phillips, Jason Sparks and Scott Spears, plunges into the sleaziest depths of sexual depravity you can imagine."

In fact, Collins' description of the action does sound more than a bit ribald.

"Where to begin?" he wondered aloud. "Danny Delta gets pumped full of hot air by Jason Crew. Cam Casey diddles his ass with a banana. Josef Jakobs and Micah Lawrence make ends meet with a double-headed dildo. And, of course, gallons of piss drinking, squirtacular enemas, farts and much, much more."

Farts! is a two-disc release in director's-cut version only. It is expected to be available at the Lucas Entertainment website starting Oct. 1.