Lip Service: Brazilian Star Alam Wernik Has Arrived

This article originally ran in the June 2018 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

His pictures cause jaws to drop. They even had award-winning NakedSword director mr. Pam—who has seen it all—staring in disbelief.

“We could see his photos on Instagram, and we’re like, ‘Is this real?! Does this guy really look like this or is it all Photoshopped?’” she laughs as she recalls the first time she laid eyes on Alam Wernik, who was brought to the studio’s attention by superstar performer, director and producer Trenton Ducati.

“He is amazing. This boy is like a superstar in the making. Trenton was following Alam on Instagram—he has a huge social media following. Trenton had also seen his OnlyFans, and asked Alam if he had ever thought about doing an actual movie with a studio. So they met up and talked about it.”

Fast forward months later, the two industry icons co-directed the newbie—who has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers—in his studio debut, NakedSword’s recently released The Chosen Few.

“I did not get a chance to Skype with him, which I normally do, so it was kind of like, ‘Okay, I’m trusting you, Trenton! Let’s do this!’” mr. Pam says. “We all shared a house in Fort Lauderdale, and he shows up—and looks even cuter than his photos. He’s so sweet and nice, and is such a wonderful person. And in addition to being gorgeous, he’s also super piggy and loves sex. It’s so hard to find both—usually they’re either really pretty but might be a little reserved when it comes to sex, or they’re really piggy and they look a little rough or whatever (in a good way). But he’s both.”

Wernik arrived for the shoot after most of the cast and crew, who had rented a house in Fort Lauderdale.

“We were all in the kitchen, and all of a sudden, this vision of beauty walks in. He had this matching tracksuit on, and even with that you could still tell that his body was rocking. And he was just so kind, ‘Hola, hello Pamela! So nice to meet you! Hi!’ And he kissed me on both cheeks and was just so warm. And every single person we introduced him to, he was so friendly and hugging and polite. In the morning, we’re all getting ready to go and he’s running around in a towel, and his body was crazy. He would just hang out with us and laugh, and he’s also very, very smart—he’s very strategic about when he posts to his Instagram and OnlyFans.”

And those lips?

“Oh my god! And they’re real, too!” says mr. Pam before adopting Wernik’s accent as she recalls: “‘Everybody thinks that my lips are injected, but no, they’re real!’ He swears by his real lips and the fact that he goes bike riding all the time, and that’s why he has such a big ass and legs.”

So impressed were the directors that they put him in two full scenes and an oral one. “He just rocked all three of them. His first scene was with Arad Winwin—it was so over the top and amazing, and they ended up sharing a room in the house. I think they’re still kind of hanging out as ‘special friends,’ so a little romance brewed from my shoot.” (Winwin and Wernik are on the next page; photo by Ducati.)

She also co-directed (with Tony Dimarco) Wernik in the Falcon Studios movie Zack and Jack Make a Porno, released at the end of May: “He plays this little slutty boy that just lays around the house half naked taking selfies of himself, which is kind of him anyways,” the director laughs, “so he’s getting a little typecast.”

His sensuality comes as no surprise to mr. Pam: “He’s Brazilian, and being really close to some Brazilians like Rafael Alencar—you know, sex is very free and very open, so he already has that going for him. He’s got this amazing body, but he’s just so humble. He loves showing off his big legs and his ass, and he loves getting fucked. Everybody else loves that ass, too. He also takes direction beautifully; I knew he had done selfies for forever, but I don’t know how many official photo shoots he had done—but when we took pictures that first week, his skills and his ability to follow direction were limitless. It was wonderful to photograph him.”

Toby Morris, VP marketing for Falcon Studios Group, also credits exclusive Austin Wolf with introducing Wernik to them along with Ducati to get the conversations started. “This man is stunning. He’s the entire package: killer looks, fun personality, amazing ‘assets’ and he brought an established fan base along with all that,” Morris says. “He’s a natural in front of the camera … just look at his Instagram. Plus, he truly loves being a power bottom, so it really comes across in his performance. He’s fun and energetic.”

But before he signed on the dotted line, Wernik—who lives in New York—put mr. Pam in touch with his sister, who lives in California (coincidentally in the same county the director is from, Marin).

“He is very close with his sister. So before he signed an exclusive contract, we were in negotiations and he had a huge phone call with her, which I thought was random. And I was on a plane about to take off, and I finally got a hold of her because we wanted to discuss the details. She speaks English perfectly, and we get on the phone and I’m on this crowded airplane, and I’m like, ‘You know what he does, right?’” mr. Pam laughs. “I wasn’t sure what he had told her, but I guess she knows everything. So we went into explicit detail about what the sex scenes would include, what the contract is, and I’m just laughing that I’m talking about all this to his sister while I’m on a crowded airplane: ‘Sorry everybody!’ She was great and supportive, and I guess the whole family back in Brazil knows what he does. He just took a trip back home to see them, and him and his sister and some friends just went to Tahoe. So he’s really connected to his family, and they’re all super supportive. It’s great.”

During his busy schedule, Wernik—who also served in the Brazilian navy—took some time out for a quick Q&A:

AVN: Tell me a little about your life before you got into the industry.
Alam Wernik: I am originally from Brazil, but I grew up in Buenos Aires, where I attended medical school for two years before moving to the United States.

What memories do you have about discovering your own sexuality?
In high school, all of the boys were constantly watching porn. I was watching too, but I was only looking to see the guys’ cocks! That happened so many times!

When did you start watching porn?
I never thought I’d ever be in porn. I’m kind of shy about cameras, the spotlight. But using OnlyFans and social media was my profession I used to pay for school. My first actual movie was so amazing, and I got to film with really nice people.

Tell me about your first sexual experience.
Oh boy … it happened in a car with my friend’s brother in high school. He picked me from school on a rainy day and my friend wasn’t there.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to work in adult films?
After OnlyFans, I was looking for something more professional—I wanted to show something more professional and produced for my followers. Before Falcon and NakedSword, I only made homemade videos.

How did you amass so many Instagram followers?
I actually don’t know! I just started on Instagram only one year ago! I love to take pictures, so I just started to post all of my pics, and did some light marketing for some brands.

How did you come to work with Falcon and NakedSword?
I filmed some videos with Trenton Ducati for OnlyFans. He’s so cute and has really helped me a lot making all of the industry connections for me.

Tell me about shooting The Chosen Few in Fort Lauderdale.
I was so nervous because I didn’t know anybody there. It was my first time being on set, but everybody was so nice and helpful for me. My first scene was with Arad Winwin. He took really good care of me and made sure I felt comfortable. So far, that was my best scene! Plus, five days in Miami was a lot of fun, too.

Tell me about the Zack and Jack Make a Porno shoot.
That was amazing, too. A new and totally different experience with Tony Dimarco and the Falcon crew! It was so much fun.

How are attitudes about sex and porn different in South America than the United States?
I don’t know about porn in South America, ’cause I started my porn life here in America!

What are your favorite cities in America so far?
I haven’t been to all of the big cities in America yet. So far, my favorites are Los Angeles and New York City.

How do you stay in such great shape?
I actually started going to the gym one year ago. When I was at university, I wasn’t in shape. When I moved to America, I put all my effort into the gym, my nutrition, everything! The gym became my No. 1 addiction.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?
I don’t like doing back day. My favorite is chest and legs.

What’s your favorite part of a man’s body?
Hmmm, I don’t think I have just one favorite part. I like to see everyone’s body because everybody has a different body and a different beauty I want to see.

What are your favorite sex acts?
I don’t have a favorite. I just know I love sex!

What goes into being a power bottom?
First you need to love being a bottom. You need to move your body and make everyone crazy and hot for you. Being shy is not allowed!

What fantasies would you like to explore on camera?
Maybe something like a gangbang scenario … but that’s in the future, not now!

Below, Arad Winwin and Alam Wernik; photo by Trenton Ducati