Leo Louis Debuts on SayUncle as June AllStar

MIAMI—SayUncle welcomes Leo Louis to its model roster as June's SayUncle AllStar.

Louis is spotlighted in his debut SayUncle scene, “Hey! Your Cock Is Showing.”

Describes a company scene synopsis, "Leo and Ryan Jacobs work together at a local gym, Ryan is getting his routine in for the day when Leo joins him. Usually, this would be totally fine—only Leo has his junk hanging out of his shorts. Leo knows Ryan likes what he sees, and each time Ryan brings it up, Leo knows it turns him on even more. When Ryan can no longer resist the temptation, the two studs start playing with each other."

Louis also sat down for a quick pre-scene interview with SayUncle, in which he discusses his background and what inspires him, and shows off some of his drawing skills.

“When it comes to my art, I always draw my inspiration from the human body,” French stud explained. “Even when I was quite young, I would just sit on my bed and draw naked bodies of mostly boys—some girls too. Part of it now is more me doing method acting when tapping into that inspiration.” 

The second installment of Leo Louis' SayUncle AllStar celebration is set to premiere June 19 on SayUncle.com.

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