Josh Logan Murder Trial Delayed Until June

LOS ANGELES—The murder trial for former porn star Josh Logan—real name, John Snavely—which was expected to start this week, has been delayed until June 16, according to the San Antonio Express-News. The 27-year-old San Antonio, Texas native has been incarcerated in the Broward County, Florida jail since last July after a DNA test he took that was required as part of his probation for a drug sentence connected him to the 2010 slaying of Virginia businessman Samuel Del Brocco, who kept a condo in Pompano Beach and was known to frequent gay bars and clubs in the area.

"The DNA matched a sample taken from a Diet Coke can at the scene, and Snavely's fingerprints were matched to some found on Del Brocco's 2009 Porsche Carrera," reported the site. "His feet were the same shoe size — 12 — as the bloody footprints found throughout Del Brocco's $900,000 townhome, according to authorities."

Though the trail had grown cold until Snavely's DNA test was matched to the crime scene, Broward County Sheriff's detective John Curcio told the paper that they have their killer.

“There was a scenario of what we believed happened to Mr. Del Brocco — he was looking for some companionship that night, based on his phone records and his driving pattern,” he told the Express-News. “But exactly who he picked up was a mystery until the DNA hit.”

According to the current theory, Snavely may have misled Del Brocco into believing that sex would happen that night, something he was reportedly known to do.

“He would go home with guys to dance privately, and when anything turned to the point of being sexual he would not go through with it,” Curcio said. “That could have caused a fight between him and Mr. Del Brocco.”

As AVN reported last year, Snavely, who has admitted meeting Del Brocco that night but denies having killed him, has also concocted several of his own theories about who actually did the deed.

According to the Miami New Times’ Michael E. Miller, who wrote a long article about the case last November, “Snavely won't say whether he ever met Del Brocco, but he offers several other scenarios, starting with the suggestion that one of Del Brocco's employees killed the old man for his money. As for how his DNA could have ended up at the crime scene, Snavely points to the $25,000 reward for Del Brocco's killer. A rival porn star could have stolen his semen from a porn shoot and put it at the Pompano Beach apartment, he says. Or the drug-dealing husband of a woman Snave­ly was seeing could have set him up."

Hard to say now if any of his theories will be put before the jury in June. His attorney, Miami-based Raul Recoba, declined to comment for the Express-News article.