Jet Set’s 'Jersey Score' Sets Off Mainstream Feeding Frenzy

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Jet Set Men’s new title Jersey Score is cutting a swath through the mainstream media. The hardcore gay spoof of reality television favorite Jersey Shore has provided fodder for a number of talk shows and entertainment magazines, including TMZ and CNN’s The Joy Behar Show.

“If you thought the real Jersey Shore men were a little too cocky, wait ’til you see the juiceheads in the gay porn parody,” TMZ noted on its website last week. “… No word if all the stars are bonerfide Italians, but one thing’s for sure: There’s plenty of salami to go around.”

Adult performer Kevin Cavalli earned a nod as “the Meryl Streep of porn” during TMZ’s TV broadcast because of his appearance in both Jersey Score and the heterosexual adult parody Jersey Shore XXX.

Meanwhile, comedienne and The View co-hostess Behar hosted a panel discussion about Jet Set’s flick on her eponymous CNN venue. Comedian Jay Mohr could not resist the temptation, telling Behar he had two callbacks for auditions but didn’t possess the abs to make the cut.

“I saw Jay in Studio City a few years back,” Jet Set honcho and Jersey Score director Chris Steele told “He’s very handsome. I would have cast him if he had actually sent me some nude photos.”

Steele said the mainstream flurry caught him by surprise.

“It’s not every day you go to work and discover your gay porn photos all over TMZ,” he told GAYVN. “When CNN called asking for photos, it was like the stars aligned around Jersey Score. The media attention was all very unexpected because the DVD [wasn’t scheduled to] come out till May 24 and the trailer was online less than 24 hours [when mainstream discussions erupted].

“Watching the TMZ television show, you could see the effort they put into creating the clip and setting up the jokes about where the guys get their hair gel and how Kevin Cavalli is the Meryl Streep of porn,” Steele continued. “That kind of effort from one of the biggest entertainment shows in Hollywood was astounding. I think they recognize the quality we put into our movie at Jet Set Men as something they could use because there are no celebrities in the movie, just a great group of straight guys doing gay porn.

“And here I thought the Levi parody [Getting Levi’s Johnson, released earlier this year] would get mainstream attention.”

Steele said much of the credit for attracting mainstream attention to Jet Set’s productions goes to new Director of Casting and Marketing Rob Romoni, who joined the studio’s staff only last week.

“This was his first movie to handle press on for Jet Set Men,” Steele told GAYVN. “What a way to start, huh? With the phone calls from CNN and he’s good friends with the guys over at TMZ, so he direct-messaged them on Twitter and they told us to be sure and watch the show that night. We were tweeting fools over here at Jet Set.”

Romoni deferred the praise.

“Jet Set Men has reached a level in the gay adult industry that demands innovation and forward thinking, and we continue to answer that call,” he told GAYVN. “We never settle, and we are not satisfied with the ‘cookie cutter’ style of production. Ingenuity and vision pay off when a movie like Jersey Score goes from vision to a worldwide sensation.”

The mainstream attention provided Jet Set with a little extra leverage in the production department. The DVDs arrived Friday, ten days before their scheduled ship date. Hair gel, however, was not included.

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