Jet Set Releases Second Blu-ray Title

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.Gay adult studio Jet Set Men has released its second title on Blu-ray disc. With the release of Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized, the studio also reaffirmed its commitment to offering high-definition product at the same price point occupied by its standard-definition DVDs.

Along with the studio’s first Blu-ray title, Slide, Dicktimized represents the vanguard in a planned release of a series of currently popular Jet Set product in Blu-ray format.

According to Jet Set head honcho Steele, Jet Set’s decision to keep pricing levels equal to that of standard-definition DVDs is consistent with new studies that for the first time indicate 50 percent of American households have at least one high-definition TV. The study adds fuel to the hope Blu-ray soon will find the mass market that it has been seeking.

Steele said he believes charging less for Blu-ray DVDs than competitors—some of whom add a premium of as much as 20 percent to Blu-ray prices—will set Jet Set apart in the marketplace.

 “While it costs more to release our movies on Blu-ray, we think our customers are worth the investment and will be thrilled when they see the action pop right off the screen as if you were watching it live in your bedroom,” Steele said.

According to Jet Set Marketing Director John Tegan, the study demonstrates Blu-ray has moved, or soon will move, out of the “early-adopters” phase—when only highly savvy, technically oriented consumers purchase the product—and into a broad mass-market phase.

“Consumers will expect—if not demand—that they pay no more for the quality they’ve come to expect on Blu-ray,” he postulated. “And that’s what [Jet Set is] giving them.”

Steele said the Blu-ray version of Dicktimized offers at least three advantages over standard-definition DVDs: Superior picture quality, improved sound and ease of use, with overlapping pop-up menus that allow the viewer to scan any content on the DVD while simultaneously watching the hot action in the movie.

Steele also pointed out that unlike other new formats, Blu-ray players also play standard-definition DVDs, so viewers can build on their existing DVD collections or fill in with their favorites on Blu-ray.

Screwed and Five Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy, both directed by Steele and written by Tegan, will be the next Jet Set releases on Blu-ray, Steele said. Both titles should be available in September. Jet Set’s upcoming August release, Tackle, will be issued on Blu-ray sometime in the fall.

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