Jason Curious Releases 2007 "Most Popular" List

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jason Sechrest, the maven of porn-star tell-all, announced his fourth-annual Top Ten Most Popular Men & Women list, based on viewer response at the website JasonCurious. Caleb Carter (up from No. 6 in 2006) and Stormy Daniels (up from No. 3 in 2006 and No. 4 in 2005) led the pack, which included three male and five female newcomers to the list. Carter knocked Brent Everett out of the top male spot, which he held for the two previous years.

"It never fails to surprise the hell out of me every year," Sechrest said of the list. "This is not a list of the most popular porn stars in the business. It's a list of who has gone beyond being just a sex object and has become a subject of fascination - so much so that people want to read more about who they are behind the scenes. When obsession for a performer sets in, that's when people come to me."

Sechrest opined the link between the two winners in 2007 is mainstream exposure.

"Caleb Carter was all over MTV in 2007, starring in two reality shows for them that got played ad nauseum, and no doubt people were curious about this porn star," Sechrest said.

"Meanwhile, Wicked Pictures contract star Stormy Daniels has been all over prime time and cable TV in the last year, not to mention cameos in mainstream films," he continued. "She's really gaining on Jenna Jameson, in my opinion, as the most mainstream adult performer out there. Stormy is just inches away from being a worldwide household name."

The 20 top performers will receive an award graphic to place on their websites. In addition, their photos and links to their official websites will be posted on JasonCurious' homepage throughout 2008.

"I think this year we'll really see what being a columnist for JasonCurious.com can do for your popularity," Sechrest predicted. "Six performers on this list have been columnists for JasonCurious.com, and when they expose not just their naked bodies but that much of their true selves to my readers with a new column and photo gallery every month, it definitely seems to hook people.

"I had stopped featuring guest columnists for a while, but I think I will bring the feature back in the new year," he added. "Caleb Carter is already on board to resume his writing duties, and he will probably be the one columnist from the past that we bring back."

The complete list:

1. Caleb Carter
2. Brent Corrigan
3. Jason Adonis
4. Brent Everett
5. Dale Dabone
6. Roman Heart
7. Ken Ryker
8. Jason Hawke
9. Mark Dalton
10. Zeb Atlas

1. Stormy Daniels
2. Chloe Vevrier
3. Brittany Andrews
4. Nina Ferrari
5. Holly Halston
6. Vicky Vette
7. Aurora Snow
8. Nicole Sheridan
9. Kylie Ireland
10. Xara Diaz