January 2007 Gossip

Chi Chi LaRue's birthday in November was a reminder of great parties from the past, all crammed into West Hollywood's Fubar. Michael Schmidt threw a fantastic bash that brought in T.J. Hart, Ross Cannon, Matthew Rush, Andrew Addams, Coco LaChine, Luca DiCorso, Billy Masters, J.C. Adams, David McKay, Chad Donovan and Antonio Madiera, Kyle Aames, Tim Valenti, Morgan Sommer, and countless others.

It was nice to chat with Chad Donovan and congratulate him on his new job at Falcon as Talent Director and Website Producer. And, Chad was excited about directing his first movie for Falcon a few days later. He says that this next year will be Falcon's most aggressive year ever in its history, and he's there to help out, but — unfortunately — not in front of the camera.

First he was casting porn boys for Dante's Cove, directed by Sam Irvin, and now he's casting porn boys for Dante's Lair. "He" is GAYVN Hall of Fame director Gino Colbert who has plenty of friends on the non-porn side of the Hollywood world. Colbert vows to give a break to as many porn stars as possible —if they can act. The casting call asked for the studs to take off their shirts and read lines, no "casting couch" duties. However, when the cameras are rolling, full frontal will be required. I'll let you know as soon as Gino has crossed-over a few more adult stars.

Blue Blake has convinced straight stud Cody Miller to give up his butt and do a full-fledged hardcore scene in his next flick, Muscle Penitentiary 2. Blake is great at getting guys who are straight-by-day to bottom at night. Miller solos in his first movie, Musclemen Moving Co., Inc. 2 (in which Ty Fox bottoms for the first time). Blue wasn't sure how Cody would take his request, and was delighted to hear him say, "Yeah. I can do that." Blake signed now-superstar Robert Van Damme to be the top.

Therapist and porn friend Stuart Altschuler, who helped dozens of porn stars over the years, is leaving L.A. and heading north to Portland, Oregon, where he was seduced by the quiet life among the redwoods. For nearly a decade he also counseled men at bathhouses in L.A. and Phoenix. But he will still keep doing his radio show, Tell the Truth Faster (TellTheTruthFaster.com).       

"Retired" porn star Eric Evans had a wild birthday bash (he turned 40 on December 28) at Burn nightclub in Phoenix with Noah Williams. Burn is a big new dance club, and Evans says he was inundated with fans.

Promotions and marketing guru Doug Davenport, whose gay porn expertise stretches all the way back to Chuck Holmes' Falcon Studios, is now doing some unique and different publicity and marketing for individual video companies. He's not exclusive to one, but helping out all, and tailoring his expertise to each company's special requirements. And he's come up with a creative way to keep each company's business confidential. Davenport can be reached at [email protected] or 818-891-1950.

Had a rare chance to get some insight from Hungary's prolific director Csaba Borbély who has brought some of my major fantasy men to the porn screen through his Diamond Pictures and Blue Lagoon Productions. He's worked with Hungarian boys like Lucio Maverick (my personal favorite and apparently I'm not alone), Julian Vincenzo, and the Mangiatti Twins. "Hungarian boys are precise, accurate and last-but-not-least handsome," he says. "They look for challenges and this is very important for me, since I am inspired this way by them too. In addition to this, they are not priggish at all and they'll do just about anything." Borbély's 17 years of theater experience is apparent in his many movies set in a great variety of locations: prisons, ancient Rome, a police academy, the Greek Islands. "I pay very much attention to details of appearance, such as costumes, the scenery, the background, technology, which, of course, costs a lot of money. I am fond of special locations and in order to get there I can travel even 1,000 kilometers, as well."

The Dicks of Hazzard title from Rocky Brown's twink company Eon Films has been served with a cease and desist order because Warner Bros. objects to the parody title being too close to their mainstream The Dukes of Hazzard. The mighty studio wants Eon to recall all the copies and change the porno. Fat chance, says Eon's distributor White Tiger Releasing.


Dicks of Hazzard's Brent Summers and Brant Moore photo courtesy of EonFilms.com