Janice Dickinson ‘Deceived?'

LOS ANGELES - Scandal sheet LA Rag Mag is reporting a small "oops" - maybe with the casting of reality show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on the Oxygen network. According to an unnamed source, Brazilian model-hopeful Rodrigo De Carli isn't a small-screen virgin. In fact, it would be difficult to apply the label "virgin" to him at all, considering he once worked for Chi Chi LaRue under the stage name Claudio Martin.

Among Martin's credits are Deceived, Raw Footage and Tyler Riggs: Shot for Shot.

According to LaRue, De Carli is the young man's real name, and he had a modeling career before entering porn. "We released him from his contract because he wanted to pursue his modeling career," LaRue told GAYVN.com

"He was fantastic [in adult performances]," LaRue continued. "He's a beautiful man; he's stunning. He kind of looks like Ricky Martin."

Although the Rag's source voiced concern about Dickinson and crew jettisoning De Carli from season three, which is due to begin airing Dec. 4, LaRue said, "If [Dickinson] is smart, she'll use [the controversy] to get ratings."

After all, as the Rag pointed out, "you can't throw a dildo in LA without hitting a porn star."

"I hope it's not a bad thing for him," LaRue said. "He's a wonderful boy."