Jamie Hendrix Launches ‘Friendly Force'

Equipped with a red carpet, paparazzi and champagne, director Jamie Hendrix returned to the forefront of the gay adult business with a launch party for his new title, Friendly Force.

"I think I've learned a lot over the years and I know there is a lot of competition out there, but what I'm doing will remain high quality and set it apart from the rest," said Hendrix in an interview while the cameras clicked. "I still believe in story videos and I think the acting is very important."

And that's why his first comeback title is a uniformed cop drama that stars three newcomers who were all in attendance.

The handsome and somewhat shy trio - Chad Clovis, Ryan Thompson and Dominik Rider - all attended the ultra-private meet-and-greet session and talked about what kind of a director Hendrix was.

"You can tell that he really wants a good performance," said Clovis, who previously worked only for the online sex site HornyBoy.com. "The acting wasn't hard for me, but sometimes we had to do it over and over again."

Hendrix, of course, was a performer in the late 1980s in more than 30 titles and then directed more than 100 videos before retiring for about eight years to pursue other interests in the mainstream world. Now, he's kicking off G&G Media with his partner Eli Giorgio and hoping to once again be a force in the adult world.

The small audience was treated to a screening of the DVD, and the guests included Anna Nicole Smith's decorator and TV personality Bobby Trendy, AVN judge John Rex, Pacific Sun's marketing director Michael LaBarbera and Pacific Sun's new general managers known only as Sam and Pritam. Jackson Ford and some of the other crew also attended the soiree.

Jumping the gun on the awards show circuit, Hendrix handed out his own honors to the cast for their acting performances in the movie. Each received a Best Actor plaque in honor of their work. The cop feature also stars Corbin Michaels, Mark Galfione, Parker Wiley, Kevin Cavelli, Brodie Newport, Logan Robins and Chase Evans.

Looking trim, Hendrix said that it's not out of the question that he may return to performing after all these years. "It could happen, never say never, we'll see," he said.

He is planning to start shooting another title in October and he relaunched JamieHendrix.com as a retail website where there are also trailers, model bios and photos from his first title. Hendrix is teaming with distributor Pacific Sun and said, "I'm very pleased to be working with them and their new owners."

The company is also distributing a movie they produced three years ago called Curious, which they said received a poor launch, but has now been re-edited and repackaged. "It is a softcore movie, but there are dicks and we hope you like it," Hendrix said.