Jack Valor Announced as SayUncle's November AllStar of the Month

MIAMI—SayUncle has announced Jack Valor as its AllStar of the Month for November. 

In honor of Valor's distinction, SayUncle AllStars is releasing a spotlight scene titled "The Improvised Yoga Teacher."

In the scene, Valor teams up with Joseph Heart to explore the sensual world of yoga. Heart plays Valor's school tutor, who stumbles upon the Valor stretching in the living room. The two delve into yoga together, discovering new positions and sensations in a steamy journey.

"We are thrilled to crown Jack Valor as our AllStar this month,” said a company rep. “We recognize his ability to create an atmosphere of desire and intimacy with his co-stars that leaves viewers breathless and wanting to see more. We’re excited to see what else is in store for Jack with our brand." 

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