Interview: Johnny Hazzard, GAYVN Best Actor, Sex Scene, Solo

Porn star Johnny Hazzard had a good time at this year’s GAYVN Awards. “I couldn’t believe it!” exclaimed the Rascal exclusive and winner of three awards. Speaking a week later from his home in Palm Springs, the 28-year-old Cleveland native seemed to still be letting it all sink in.

It was only three years ago that Hazzard was living in Boston and spending his summers in Provincetown. The way he tells it, one day he woke up and decided, Hey, I could do porn!

The tattooed cutie called old pal Doug Jeffries, who put him in touch with director Chi Chi LaRue who liked his photos and flew him out to Los Angeles to do a scene in Detention. Since then he has made more than ten movies, including Bolt and What Men Do, and become one of Rascal’s biggest stars.

Wrong Side of the Tracks 1-2 put Hazzard into a different class of porn stardom. Tracks took almost a month to shoot and pushed Hazzard in many new directions. “I worked every day,” he says. “I was always doing something — B-roll, sex scenes, whatever.” And it required him to do more acting than ever before. “That was fun,” he says. “At first I didn’t take it seriously, but I got into it. It was something different and new. I realized that I possess this skill.”

Which explains why his Best Actor trophy means the most to Hazzard. “I really wanted that one,” he says. “I mean, to be named Actor of the Year... when I won, I felt like, 'You like me, you really like me!'”

Of his award for Best Sex Scene with Tyler Riggz, Hazzard says, “It was a fucking amazing scene. We really were in the back of an old van, jammed in there with cameraman Hue Wilde. Chi Chi was communicating with us via a monitor. It took about two hours to shoot. As soon as the scene was done, we were like, ‘That’s it! Best Sex Scene!’ We just knew!”

With his awards displayed on a shelf in his bedroom, Hazzard is pondering his next move. “We have been throwing a couple ideas around. I think there will be a scene in an upcoming movie where I shave my head.”

In the meantime, Hazzard will be making personal appearances and working on his website (, which features his blog (where his mom posts too!). He has landed a few writing assignments, including for Frontiers magazine, and in the future hopes to create a clothing line. “Fashion and design are two things I am passionate about,” Hazzard says. “And I even like to sew!”