<i>Twisted</i> Breaks Club Inferno Sales Record

Hot House Entertainment announced today that legendary adult-industry photographer David Lamm has shattered pre-book sales records with his directorial debut, Twisted.

"Within a short two-week pre-book period, Twisted managed to break all sales records for the company," Brent Smith, Hot House vice president and creative director, said in a press release. "Our hardcore audience has been waiting for something big to happen with the Club Inferno line and we're positive that seeing David as the director has played a major part with the movie's success."

"Directing has been David's dream for 15 years," said Hot House President Steven Scarborough. Lamm, a former art director and photographer for Falcon Studios with more than 20 years experience in the adult industry has had the opportunity to work with and learn from the best people in the business, Scarborough said.

"He's been my assistant director these past two years and I wanted to give him a chance to show off what he's absorbed. David's put a lot into this movie. We couldn't be more impressed."

Lamm admits that at first he was a little nervous about the plum assignment. "Club Inferno has an unbeatable reputation with the handball and fetish community," he said. "I knew that if this movie was to be successful, it was going to have to be 'out there.' So I let my imagination really run with Twisted. Every scene is wilder and more intense than the one before it until it explodes into an all-out orgy."

The orgy scene was so long that Hot House decided to run the entire one-hour scene on a second disc rather than edit it down, Smith disclosed, "making Twisted the first two-disc set in Club Inferno's 12-year history."

"I also selected each member of the cast after interviewing them at length about their sexual fantasies and desires," said Lamm. "They're all twisted sexpigs and it's obvious when you watch the movie." The ten-man cast includes returning Jordan West and big-name stars Rod Barry, Rik Jammer, Nick Capra, and Hot House exclusive Kent North.

"Kent is an amazing, amazing performer," said Lamm. "You sit there on the set wondering, Where does all that sexual energy come from? I tried to wear him out with a fisting gang-bang in the final scene — but to no avail. He can only be described as astonishing."

Lamm has already directed a second feature for Club Inferno, to be released before the end of the year. He has other major projects in the works with the company.

Twisted will ship on September 23. For further information contact 800-884-4687. (In CA, 415-864-8910.)