Hypnothugs.com Is Up and Running

Lee Moment, of independent video company Best Comes First, LLC, and contributor to the popular Flava Works Dorm Life series, has just launched a new website, Hypnothugs.com.

Moment says the new pay-site presents full-length videos of hypnotized thugs "engaged in gay sex and various strange sex acts" while under "apparently real hypnosis performed by the director."

Hypnothugs.com "is an exciting and intriguing mix of gay black and Latino thug-porn and dark, perverted stage hypnosis — a combination never before done in known porn history," Moment asserted.

“The phenomenon is mind boggling," Moment went on. "In one two-hour sitting one straight boy masturbated and came four times in a row, having no recollection of the time before. In other sessions the subjects were so turned-on that they couldn’t control themselves and ejaculated spontaneously. So I promise a real show.”

The site is scheduled to present a new video each week, Moment said.

When asked about possible legal questions of inducing people to masturbate or have sex with a partner while apparently hypnotized, Moment responded, "Illinois, where this is all filmed, doesn't consider hypnosis to be anything other than entertainment. According to Illinois law, we are just performing a stage act."

Moment plans to release a premium DVD version of the Hypnothugs series in the coming months under his Best Comes First label.