Hot House Launches Backroom Live

SAN FRANCISCOHot House Entertainment has launched a live web show. “Backroom Live,” which broadcasts at 7 p.m. every Wednesday, is free for members and offers full-screen capability and interactive voice chat with clear sound.

According to a studio spokesman, each show will feature men selected from the studio’s growing list of exclusives as well as new Backroom discoveries who exhibit a superior ability to interact with each other and fans in the live arena.

“We’re very excited about Backroom Live,” director and Hot House President Steven Scarborough said. “We’re happy to bring more original content and added value to our already content-rich Backroom. Our fans have been asking for live shows, and we’re finally ready to launch. We expect our live shows to blow everyone away.”

This Wednesday’s broadcast will feature real-life boyfriends Scott Tanner and Hot House exclusive Paul Wagner.

“The internet and blogs have proclaimed Paul and Scott the industry’s newest ‘it’ couple,” Hot House Art Director Sister Roma said. “When viewers tune into Backroom Live, they’re going to see authentic sexual attraction and passionate sex between a real couple. That never happens—this is going to be huge.”

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Hot House Entertainment—home of brands Hot House, Club Inferno, Backroom Exclusive Videos, Plain Wrapped Video and Pack Attack—also operates an online dungeon, the Hot Flash blog, an etail store and the affiliate program Hot House Cash. The studio was founded by AVN Hall of Famer Scarborough, a veteran of 20 years in the adult entertainment industry.