Hot Fun in the Summertime

It's a hot day in the northwestern hills of the San Fernando Valley, and Cameron Marshall is having a fly issue. He's shooting a scene with Kai Ford, Josh Vaughn, Blake Riley and Cameron Taylor, but the flies won't stop buzzing around his head. "Don't swat at them!" director Doug Jeffries yells when Marshall reflexively slaps at his face. "Sorry," Marshall responds, "but they're in my ear!"

Such are the concerns on the set of All Worlds Video's He Fucked My Father, a sex comedy in which newcomer Taylor plays a randy twink who becomes enamored with his best friend's (Marshall) father (a woofy Ken Mack) during a weekend in the mountains. The film is being shot on a private ranch just 24 miles north of Los Angeles. It's a small bit of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it's not without its own challenges. In addition to the fly situation, the incessantly chirping birds and the planes that fly overheard every so often keep stalling filming, though Jeffries is doing a great job of maintaining his cool and keeping order on the set, and eventually he is able to get through the scene without Marshall swatting away a fly or a plane interrupting the shoot. "Great!" he says, having captured the moment in which Taylor meets Mack for the first time while hanging out on the porch with his friends. "Now we can move on to the nasty stuff!"

The nasty stuff would be a scene between Kai Ford and Vance Winters, who initiate a sweaty threeway with the hot stable boy, played by gay-for-pay Wolf Hudson. The scene is to take place directly adjacent to the stables, but Jeffries is contemplating a very serious matter: "Is it legal to show animals in the background during sex?" he wonders aloud before making an executive decision to proceed with the scene.

Hudson, who has been waiting patiently on the sidelines for his moment before the camera, takes his place next to a smaller horse that he will pretend to groom during the scene. Jeffries takes a look at the setup on his monitor, then calls "Action!" Ford and Winter enter the scene and strike up a conversation with Hudson. The dialogue is loaded with horse-related sexual innuendo - "I like to ride, but not necessarily horses," Winter says at one point in response to Hudson's query - and it's every bit as silly as you might imagine such a scene with a stable boy to be.

After several takes of the dialogue sequence, Jeffries decides not to film the performers undressing and instead just go straight to the sex. Winter, Ford and Hudson drop trou and get into place on the steps next to the horse stable, where they start off with a bit of threeway oral action. Hudson stands on the highest step, with Winter on his knees in front of him and Ford lower down in order to suck Winter. "Yeah, gag on my cock!" Hudson purrs to Winter as he thrusts his impressive member into the brunette's mouth. "Suck that bad boy! You like the way it tastes?"

"Yeah, Kai!" Jeffries calls out from the sidelines. "Keep your mouth open! Suck it, Vance! Lick under Wolf's balls so I can see his dick!"

A couple of the horses grazing on the other side of the stable curiously wander close to investigate the commotion. They take one look at the three men having sex and run the other way. "Guess we spooked them!" Hudson chuckles, as Winter pulls away from his cock. "God, you have a huge dick!" he jokingly complains while rubbing his jaw. "I was trying not to teeth you, but it's hard to open my mouth that wide."

Jeffries calls for a five-minute break so the boys can rest and the scene can be set for the penetration, which is set to take place on top of bales of hay just above the stables. The crew spray the area with Raid in hopes of keeping the aggressive flies away, and the performers get into place, with Winter bent over the hay bail while he sucks on Hudson's dick and Winter rims him from behind before sliding his cock into the tattooed bottom's tight hole. "Great!" Jeffries calls out as they head into the final stretch of the shoot, looking down at the ground just in time to find a salamander basking in the sunlight close by. "Man, we're just getting all the wildlife stopping by for the show," he chuckles, pondering the uninvited guests. "I guess everyone likes sex in the great outdoors."