Harrison Todd Graces February as SayUncle’s AllStar

LOS ANGELES—SayUncle on Monday announced Harrison Todd, who made his debut with the studio in June 2023, as their February AllStar.

In his SayUncle AllStars scene, “Learning To Cruise,” Harrison explores the kinky world of cruising. Nervous but adventurous, Harrison encounters Greg McKeon, a seasoned pro who quickly recognizes Harrison's desires. Harrison is on top of the world when they wrap their session up and is eager for more. Later, in a remote bathroom, Harrison catches the attention of Bruce Jones, a burly, hairy, and much older stud. The two start playing around in one of the stalls when Greg spots them. It’s no coincidence—Greg had hoped he’d run into Harrison again. Bruce and Greg decide to team up on Harrison together. 

In an exclusive interview with SayUncle, Harrison opens up about where he grew up, his hobbies, favorite sex positions, and what he loves the most about shooting porn. 

“My favorite thing about making porn is meeting the people,” said Harrison. “I love to do studio porn because I get to come here, I get to meet new people, who I otherwise might not have met, and build these connections with them and start building a family of people who I can visit again one day if our connection becomes strong enough.” 

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