Gossip With Mickey Skee July 2007

• Doctors Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence from the Center for Sex and Culture were holding their live Masturbate-a-thon fundraiser, which they asked me to co-host with Carol and Nina Hartley, but I wasn't able to make it up there to lend a hand over Memorial Day weekend. However, like many others, I watched, via Red Handed Porn's website. The pledges raised more than $25,000 and some of the amateur participants are certainly porn stars in the making (check out pix of Z and Barry Shame at the www.masturbate-a-thon.com website. The competitions included the new category for greatest distance for ejaculation, for male, female and transgendered categories, and other sexual gymnastics that sounded like they came from my Mickey Skee's "F.U.-Majoring in Carnal Knowledge" fiction book. The male record for hard-on time was eight and a half hours (two hours longer than the women), and six genuine orgasms over that period of time . . .

• Carol Queen, a longtime friend to the GAYVN Show and the Free Speech Coalition, is adding to the large collection of porn-rabilia at their new digs in San Francisco. She hopes to open it as a public and make the collection available for all. It includes pulp erotic fiction from the past four decades as well as more than 5,000 porn titles. What they don't have is a collection of tactile items such as costumes and clothing from porn stars. So, since I have had the responsibility of handling a few estates from late porn stars over the past year, I have donated items such as wigs, costumes and clothing from Geoffrey Karen Dior (an old friend of Carol's), Johnny Rey, Matt Gunther, Jon Vincent and Joey Stefano. Meanwhile, the Toronto documentary team that is considering doing a documentary on Stefano breeze through Los Angeles and Palm Springs, talking to Chi Chi LaRue and other friends just to see if they can get anything new and find enough to make an interesting story. I'll let you know as soon as I'm sure it's really a go.

• Los Angeles-based Fierce Dog Productions is releasing its newest title "Vancouver Nights" through Lucas Distribution for the first time. It's their third title.