My trip to New York gave me two incredible sneak peeks at two upcoming classics. First off, Jerry Douglas showed me some excerpts of his Brotherhood for Buckshot about a guy who tries to get pictures of his frat brothers in compromising positions because someone in the frat house is trying to blackmail him for doing gay porn, which he does to pay his tuition. Danny Roddick is delightful as the devious guy with the camera who successfully seduces his brothers, including a pair of very sexy brothers. They were supposed to be twins in the script, so they could do a switch-off as a plotline, but they didn't look enough alike so Douglas scrapped that story. However, they do look alike enough in their suits, glasses, and short-cropped hair for it to be quite erotically disturbing when they begin fondling each other while watching a porn movie and then start going at it with each other.

I got to chat with Jan Fischer, who was still beaming after his Best Three-Way win at the GAYVNs this year, and he said, "This was definitely the most challenging thing I've ever done in adult video, because Jerry is so demanding and has so much dialogue. I was very pleased with my performance and what I learned from him. I think the shoots went on so long because I kept asking to do it over again." (He was too shy to stay in the room, however, to watch his scenes with us.)

Douglas was rather happy with the shoot in San Francisco, and said one of the few disappointments was one of the studs' claims that he could suck himself, but when it came to slipping his member between his own lips, it didn't get close enough, so that plot point in the script was axed. Yet, the scenes I've seen Douglas editing in his apartment in Manhattan looked stunning.

Then, across the island in his new studios in Chelsea, Michael Lucas showed me around, handed me one of his new life-like dildos of himself, introduced me to his staff, and showed me a scene that's being edited for his next movie, which features an incredibly hot scene between him and Lucio Maverick. This dark-haired Csaba Borbely superstar is one of the most recent most-asked-about foreign stars around these days after making a splash in Navy Kings, Cell Block, and others with his characteristic long hair, sexy Italian eyes, and killer ass. Well, Lucas wrestled Csaba's control of this foreigner and not only got him in a Lucas Entertainment title, but convinced him to bottom for the first time.

"Of course I'm not going to bottom. It's not my thing, and I wanted to do a scene with him, so he would have to bottom," Lucas explained matter-of-factly. "He looks like he's getting into it, doesn't he?" he asked when showing some of the raw footage. "He is a very nice guy, and has a nice girlfriend." Yes, the secret, seductive superstar considers himself straight, or bisexual at least. "He's never done some things with guys yet, so he's still learning," Lucas said. "This is the first time he ate cum, too." Leave it to Lucas to show him the ropes and break him in.

Lucas has been mum about the book just hitting the stands about him, Corey Taylor's Naked: The Life and Pornography of Michael Lucas. Well, the bottom line is that Lucas hasn't even read the entire book, calling it "boring, repetitive, and poorly written. I can't even get through the whole thing, and I know my life isn't boring."

AMG Brasil just came out with Paraiso, which features an exclusive newcomer, Alex Tentor (pictured), a model Dennis Bell literally plucked off a Carnaval float in Rio de Janiero and took to the Amazon jungle to film. "He was dancing on the float in nothing but a hot black swimsuit," Bell recalled. Paraiso opens with Tentor stroking himself through a pair of tight red skivvies.

Dark Alley makes jaws drop even farther with Fisting Underground Part 3, featuring an arm tattoo on a guy named Violator that measures how far, inch by inch, he's invading Lee Hayford's body. It's unnerving!


Finally, my Bisexual's Guide to the Universe (www.bisexualsguide.com), with its whole last third devoted to erotica, bi porn stars, and their special tips, won the Lambda Literary Award in a new category for Bisexual Books!