Gay Phoenix Forum Planned for October, along with its affiliated companies, is planning the first Gay Phoenix Forum for October 5-7, CCBill's Patrick Curran announced Monday on

"The Gay Phoenix Forum will be held in downtown Phoenix, in close proximity to some of the best clubs in the country," Curran said. "The event will run similarly to the spring Forum, but with a few fun twists. Our website will be coming soon with more details regarding the hotel, schedules, registration, plus much more!

"And just as The Phoenix Forum has benefited from the diverse attendee base of both straight and gay companies," Curran explained, "The Gay Forum will follow the same philosophy and encourage the same diversity on both the attendee and sponsor sides."

Patrick said several companies have already agreed to sponsor the event: Corbin Fisher; Puppycash; Gunz Blazing; AEBN; Cybersocket; PrideBucks; and YOULoveJACK among them.

Additionally, Cybersocket's Morgan Sommer announced that the 7th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards would be presented by CCBill at the October event.

"This event will be for webmasters as well as surfers at one of the nicest nightclub venues in Phoenix," Sommer said. "This year the event will be flashier, more fun, more glamorous, and an opportunity for you the nominated companies to bring your models, etc., and show them off to the public. We are working closely with CCBill to make this event a lot of fun.

"If you are sponsoring the Gay Phoenix Forum the Web Awards show is part of your sponsorship benefits," Sommer added.

"We still have plenty of room for sponsors, so please let me know if you are interested in jumping on board as an inaugural sponsor!" said Curran. "And just like The Phoenix Forum, will not make any bucks on The Gay Phoenix Forum — all sponsorship dollars will go directly to the event."