Fresh off the Bus: Marc LaSalle

Fresh off the bus from: Seattle, Washington


Age: 27


Height: 5-9


Weight: 170


Distinguishing features: "My smile is what gets people every time. My ass is in a class of its own."


Tattoos/ piercings: None


Penis size: "I won't lie, I've measured it. I even have a peter meter in my bathroom. Seven-and-a-half inches."


Cut? "Yes, I was robbed at birth."


Sexual orientation: Gay


Relationship status: Single


First adult video performance: "I did an audition some years back that ended up being turned into a solo movie called Seattle Jacks. My first official role was in Bar Back Mountin'" [Daddy Oohh!]


Subsequent performances: Lords of the Jungle and Mirage [Raging Stallion Studios]


What did you do before getting into porn? "Mostly administration/ receptionist work. I'm a student too. I'm still looking for weekday work. I consider the adult industry my weekend job."


How did you get your porn name? "Believe it or not, my mother helped me narrow down the choices. We wanted to capitalize on my French heritage, hence LaSalle."


Most memorable on-screen performance: "I'd have to say the second scene of the first movie I did. There were eight bar stools, four deep, two wide, that were used for me to lie on. By the time we were finished shooting there were only two stools left and I was left balancing on my upper back and butt."


What is the dirtiest/ sexiest thing you've ever done? "If I told you the dirtiest thing, my reputation wouldn't be so squeaky clean. But the sexiest thing, I think, is being there for someone I care about and saying I care and them knowing I really mean it. That and a big kiss, which I love to do."


Favorite co-star? "I've only had a couple, but I'd have to say Mario Ortiz, he's a very sweet guy."


Who would you like to work with? "Tony Bishop."


What are your long-term goals? "I have specific goals for this industry and with hard work I will get there. Let's just say I have stars in my eyes. I am going to be attending film-editing school this year, I know porn won't last and I'm a firm believer in having a backup plan."


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