FPG's "Betrayed" Streets March 18

WASHINGTON - FPG Entertainment's new production, Betrayed, will hit stores March 18. What the company describes as "a tragic tale of loyalty, friendship and betrayal" juxtaposes more than two hours of smack-down wrestling action and intense man-on-man sex with tender encounters between lovers.

In a desperate measure to save his sinking pro-wrestling circuit, Charlie (Trey Casteel) takes out a dangerous loan with the local mob. Things get complicated when he fails to pay. In the end, more than one person is betrayed. From the opening flashback in which violent mobster-on-the-rampage Vito (Joe Strong) tops Charlie through a romantic encounter between two lovers and a post-wrestling-match rubdown during which more than sore muscles are massaged to a makeup scene in a locker room, sex plays a starring role as the plot thickens.

In FPG's tradition, Betrayed contains four sex scenes, professional and submission-style wrestling and a hard-bodied cast led by Casteel, Strong and Kurt Wild. The movie also features Luke Riley, Chase Stevens, Frankie Pintar, Bigg Pete and newcomer Enrique.

DVD extras include a bonus disk containing two solo performances by Stevens and Wild and more than one hour of unedited behind-the-scenes footage shot by Mr. Pam.

According to Janet at Pulse Distribution, which represents the title, FPG's online marketing efforts and previous titles have generated tremendous interest in Betrayed.